Chiu’s Restaurant – Tache Avenue

Chiu’s restaurant is a Chinese-Canadian restaurant located in the Family Medical Centre, just across Tache Avenue from St. Boniface Hospital. I first visited around five years ago, around the same time as I tried Pastrami & Things. At the time Chiu’s was going through some changes. I can’t remember if it was new owners, new chefs, or something else. However I wasn’t particularly impressed with it.

Chiu"s consomme
The buffet at Chiu’s features a build your own consomme soup.

Chiu’s Buffet

Schwartz's Diner in Montreal
Schwartz's Diner in Montreal

A few years have passed and I decided to give the restaurant a second chance. On my first visit I ordered the lunch buffet. I arrive just as the buffet is finishing. Chiu’s is set up with two different sections for dining. One that is in the front of the restaurant off of the hallway, and a second one around the corner on your right. I chose a table just off the corner of the two sections, in the front.

Chius Buffet plate
A selection of the items on my buffet plate.

Since it is so late when I arrive, there isn’t a lot left in the buffet. However, there is a little bit of everything. There aren’t a lot of stand out items in this buffet, but I did really enjoy the chicken wings. The vegetables were reasonably crisp. I like the noodles and the crispy wontons as well. My favourite part of the buffet was the consomme soup. This sits on a table next to the rest of the buffet. It’s set up in such away that you can add the green onions, noodles and rice that you want. Also, the broth itself is quite rich and not overly salty.

At least one item on the buffet was refilled even though it was right at the end of buffet time. The service is good. The buffet doesn’t require much service. The staff is friendly and outgoing and tried their best to keep things filled. I would prefer the buffet at Singyun, but this one is still a pretty good value.

Lunch Menu Visit

Deluxe Wonton Soup
The Deluxe Wonton Soup is the best item I tried.

My second visit I came for lunch again. The menu seems to have a number of non-Chinese dishes, such as burgers, fries, and sandwiches. Looking over the menu, I chose fried chicken with mashed potatoes. Instead of ordering a side of vegetables, I picked the deluxe wonton soup to have with the chicken and potatoes.

Much like the Consomme soup the broth of the Deluxe Wonton Soup is quite rich. In addition to this there is a good combination of shrimp, pork, vegetables and stuffed wontons. Looking at the picture above you may not think it, but there are half a dozen decent sized wontons in the bowl.

The arrival of the chicken and mashed potatoes was kind of odd. Each of the items came on a separate plate. Still, that’s the oddest thing about them. Both of them are quite good. The skin of the chicken is crispy, and the chicken itself is moist and tender. The potatoes are really smooth, not a lump to be found. The gravy is tasty, and there is a good quantity of it. I actually couldn’t mop up all the gravy with the potato I had.

Breakfast at Chiu’s

Chius coffee
Coffee to go with the breakfast.

I ended up going back one more time to try their breakfast special. I showed up a little before the 9 am opening time. That was my major with disappointment with Chiu’s. They did unlock the door at 9, but they still hadn’t done their prep work. This meant that I had to wait a few minutes before I got my cup of coffee, not the best way to start the morning.

Breakfast special with crispy bacon.

The breakfast special is reasonably good. The elements are all well cooked. I really enjoyed the crispy bacon.

It’s three years on since I lasted visited this place, and while it isn’t a huge amount better, it has improved in that time frame. The one thing that stands out is the service. This seems to be the kind of place, where the owners really care about their customers.  I think I will head back at least once more for the buffet and see what it’s like when you get there at the beginning rather than the end.


By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.