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Chicken Fingers Still Star – Mitzi’s

I don’t know about you, but when I think about Chicken Fingers, Mitzi’s is the first restaurant that comes to mind. However it’s been a few years since my last visit. So, I wonder is it just a memory are they still as good. Over the last couple of weeks I stopped there for a lunch a couple of more times.
I am happy to report that the Chicken Fingers are as good as I remember them. I’m also happy to report that if you stray from the Chicken Fingers things will be pretty good as well.

Mitzi's Chicken Fingers and Fries
Chicken Fingers and Fries, the dish that made Mitzi’s famous

Chicken Fingers for Lunch:

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Mitzi’s is quite close to Holy Trinity, so it’s conveniently located for lunch. Also, I’m already on my way back to St. Philip’s anytime I stop in.
Mitzi’s is one of those restaurants that opens for lunch and then closes for a couple of hours before reopening for supper. The first time I revisited, it was only about 20 minutes before 2 pm, lunch closing at 2. However, I was warmly greeted and given and table to sit at. I took a menu, but only to decide what size chicken finger dinner I would order. I went with the five piece. This is the cheapest dinner on the menu. It is also plenty enough for one person.
I was a little surprised at how quickly my order arrived. When eating though, it became clear that years of practicing have gone into perfecting the process. The chicken itself is  breaded, but not totally encased in the breading. You still get breading in each bite. What I find most pleasing is how moist and tender the chicken is. The dill sauce is very enjoyable, and there is enough for the chicken and some for your fries. The fries are good and crisp
The Chicken Fingers and Fries also comes with a small bowl of soup and some Cole Slaw. Neither of these particularly add anything to this dish. On the other hand they don’t harm it either.

Chicken Fingers, Cole Slaw
The Cole Slaw is kind of bland.
Chicken Fingers and Consomme
The consomme is a nice touch while you wait.

Chicken, Teriyaki not Fingers

In the back my mind there is a memory of enjoying Chicken Teriyaki at Mitzi’s. So, the second time around, I order that instead of Chicken Fingers. Let’s be clear, Chicken Fingers is the start dish at Mitzi’s. On the other hand, the Chicken Teriyaki is quite good as well.
Chicken Teriyaki is somewhat underrated. It’s one of those Japanese dishes that has been surpassed in public perception by menu items such as Sushi, and Ramen. However it makes a real good comfort food dish. The Chicken Teriyaki at Mitzi’s comes with a large amount of chicken on the plate as well as a good pile of rice. The sauce is sweet and satisfying. All in all it makes for a good lunch alternative.

Chicken Fingers and Chicken Teriyaki
A heaping portion of Chicken Teriyaki. Plenty of Chicken and Mushrooms

As I note earlier in the post, Mitzi’s is a well-oiled machine. Service is prompt, and while there is quick turnover, I didn’t feel rushed. The food is really good value for money. The beverage choices are a little over-priced. Mitzi’s is licensed.

By Donald McKenzie

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