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Chicken Delight – Cajun Ribs Update

When I originally wrote this post on Chicken Delight I wrote about how the Cajun Ribs were simply plain ribs with a package of hot sauce. My original comments are below, for context. If you go to the comments below you will see that Chicken Delight got in touch with me in order to make things right. They do offer an actual Cajun Ribs (pictured below).
Once I received the coupon I decided I should give the ribs a second try as soon as possible. This meant I went to a different location. This one is on Ellice Avenue not far from where I live. Clearly the message had been past on to all locations as I received a genuine Cajun Rib order. The Cajun seasoning is on the sweet rather than the spicy side of things, but it has good flavour. In addition it adds a nice crunch to ribs when you bite into them. This is a dry rib I would definitely order more than once. 

Thank you Chicken Delight in reaching out to me. Thank you also for being proactive in making sure your franchises are all on the same page. I hope the Cajun Ribs stay on the menu for quite a while.
Chicken Delight Cajun Ribs
The Cajun Ribs from Chicken Delight

Every so often, there are  meetings to attend at the Diocesan offices just off Pembina Highway. Sometimes these occur over the lunch hour and are bring your own lunch affairs. Subway is a fairly typical stop on these occasions as it’s close and real quick. The other day, I managed to allow myself a little more time and stopped at the Chicken Delight on Pembina just south of McGillivray.
This is also an area where I lived before entering into the priesthood. Now, when it comes to fried chicken, I prefer Chicken Delight over KFC. I also prefer Chicken Chef to KFC. To be honest, I would probably prefer raw chicken in uncooked bread crumbs over KFC. The best fried chicken I ate in Winnipeg was at Percy Hayne’s chicken shack. I only ate there once, but it was fantastic. The chicken at Johnny’s on Marion isn’t to that level, but it’s enjoyable and your three pieces are three large pieces.

cd three piece
Three pieces chicken

On my first time I chose a three piece chicken and fries. The pieces of chicken are reasonably big, and I like the darker, crispier batter that Chicken Delight offers. The fries are well cooked and remain crispy-ish even after sitting a bit before I start to eat them.

Chicken Delight small fries.

Chicken Delight Rib Meal

Having been once, I decided I would make a second trip a few days later. This time as I was entering the restaurant I saw a sign for Cajun Spiced ribs. This is where the visit got interested. I went to the counter and placed my order. I was told that such a dish didn’t exist, that they only had Cajun Wings. At which point I went to the window and pointed to the sign. Fortunately a manager came along at that point to let the staff know that the item I ordered was in their latest flyer.
I added a medium potato salad to my order. Paying for it, I took a seat and waited for it to arrive. When it came, it was quite a sight. My Cajun ribs was a plate of ribs with a plastic squeeze envelope of Louisiana Hot Sauce.

Plain ribs from Chicken Delight


Hot sauce package from Chicken Delight.
Makin’ it Cajun.

On the plus side, the pound of ribs was a solid pound of ribs. They were also reasonably well cooked. However, Cajun? This is a system wide flyer special, and all they are offering is regular ribs with a packet of sauce. That just doesn’t cut it. At least toss some Cajun spices on the ribs after cooking them. Fast food or not this is terrible.
The whole meal didn’t turn out quite so bad, because the Potato Salad is quite nice. This isn’t a cloying 4 parts mayonnaise to 1 part salad. There’s a nice balance here and it is quite tasty.

potato salad e1500139558894
The Chicken Delight Potato Salad is pretty enjoyable.


Despite the staff not knowing about the special, and perhaps not knowing how to prepare it, the service here is pretty good. The staff are friendly, and I got my food in reasonable time. Chicken Delight come for the chicken, but go elsewhere for the ribs.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.