Habesha Ethiopian Restaurant – Ellice Avenue

Habesha Wall Art

Habesha is a new Ethiopian restaurant, just off the corner of Ellice Avenue, and Sherbrook Street. Like Bahn Ngon, Habesha restaurant is trying to get off the ground during the middle of the Covid pandemic.  When compared to Vietnamese restaurants, Ethiopian restaurants are not as common in my neighbourhood. I only have around half a … Read more

Harmans Cafe – Sargent Avenue

Harmans Gomen Besiga

Back when I wrote up Akin’s restaurant, I mentioned that it was one of three restaurants that were part of the same building that houses both Mercadito Latino, and Harman’s. Harmans is an Ethiopian restaurant with an interesting history. Harmans was originally a drug store that stood on the corner of Sherbrook Street and Portage … Read more

Gohe Ethiopian Restaurant

Although it’s been open for a while, it’s only recently that I’ve really noticed Gohe Ethiopian Restaurant on Sargent Avenue. I really enjoy Ethiopian food, I quite like taking the Injera and using it to scoop up my food in a meal otherwise devoid of utensils. Ethiopian food also tends to be quite spicy especially … Read more

Kokeb, Fine Ethiopian Food Edmonton Street

Kokeb Injera

Stopped in to Kokeb for the first time in quite a while the other night. I figured I might watch a bit of the Jets game while enjoying an early evening supper. While I enjoy walking along Broadway and sampling the varieties of food that the trucks have to offer, when the weather produces the … Read more