Red Lake Coffee Co Truck

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Saturday was Canada Day, and as always, I was on the lookout for various food experiences as I traveled through some of the sites during the day. I started off my day with a visit to The Forks, made a brief trip through Osborne Village, back to The Forks, and then ended my day at … Read more

The Fyxx – Espresso Bar

The Fyxx Greek Salad

Winnipeg’s coffee scene has changed quite a bit over the last few years. However, it’s not that long ago that there wasn’t much beyond the chains when it came to coffee choices in the town. Late night coffee and dessert choices seemed to be limited mainly to Osborne Village and the odd place here and … Read more

Daily Grind Coffee – Portage Avenue


In the years leading up to my ordination, part of my training consisted in doing placements in various parts of the city. One such placement was at St. Chad’s, at the time sharing space with Saint John XXIII on Portage Avenue at Rouge Road. During the several months that I was there, one of my … Read more

Strong Badger Coffeehouse

Earlier this week a friend of mine posted on Facebook that he had gone on vacation and come back to a new coffee shop at the end of the street. I looked at the picture and saw the name Strong Badger. I knew I needed to visit as soon as possible. I first encountered Brock … Read more

Forth Coffee – Dogwood Roaster

There’s a lot of buzz around the coffee scene in Winnipeg, and it’s not all caused by excess caffeine. Thom Bargen is soon to be part of a new space on Graham Avenue. Twist Cafe has new owners, and Nils Vik of Parlour and his partners are working with Dogwood Coffee to bring small batch roasting … Read more