March Non-Fiction Reading Round Up

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I decided to divide my March Reading Round Up into a March-fiction and a March non-fiction section. There was a bit of a problem with WordPress and the publication of yesterday’s post. So, if for some reason it didn’t show up in your WordPress reader feed, I’d appreciate it … Read more

March Fiction Reading Round Up

If February was a poor month with only four books read, March is a bonanza with nine books read. Part of the reason for that is I had two or three books started at the end of last month, which I finished this month. The other thing is that I had a couple of easy … Read more

February Reading Round Up 2019

Well, this is another month where the book list is rather short. February is Annual Meeting time for the Parish with all that such meetings entail. Also, I wrote an article on Singleness and the Church for our Diocesan newspaper(what with February being the month for love and relationships). So once again there are only … Read more

January Reading Round Up

My January reading round up will be a little smaller than most. It’s not that I’ve done less reading, it’s just that at Christmas, I received Niall Ferguson’s, Kissinger. I’m finding that it’s a fascinating book, but it’s very dense and it’s a lot of work trying to work my way through it. However, I did … Read more

December Reading Round Up

Well, it’s December 31, the  last day of the year. It’s been a good year here at Dining with Donald. The best part is that I’ve been making new connections with other bloggers. My audience has grown, and with that I’ve encountered many new bloggers who have become regular conversationalists. One thing that has happened … Read more

November Reading Round Up*

*I have the star at the end of the title because I skipped an October Round Up and a couple of the books in this month’s round up were October selections. Most of my reading for November is in the area of crime fictions and mainly from two writers. I also have a couple of … Read more