September 2019 – Reading Roundup

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I realize that my September 2019 reading round up is a couple of days early. However, I just finished reading my fourth book of the month, and I know I won’t get any more read in the next couple of days. Plus, There is another post that I intend to put out on Monday. The … Read more

August 2019 Reading Round Up

August 2019 Jenn Agg

My August 2019 Reading Round Up is quite a short one. Only three books on the list today. I’ve got a couple of other books that I plan to write separate reviews for. This month is a couple of mysteries, and one food biography. January 2019. February 2019, March Fiction 2019, March Non-Fiction 2019, April … Read more

July 2019 Reading Round Up

The end of July 2019 means I’ve been at these monthly reading round ups for 17 months. I know a year and a half would be a more usual time frame to mark but I like to be a little different. 2019 Roundups January, February, March Fiction, March Non-Fiction, April, May, June This month I’m … Read more

May 2019 Reading Round Up

May 2019 A Knock on the Door

Another month has gone by. This has been an odd month for me. A couple of unexpected bills meant that I didn’t get around to as many restaurants this month as I usually do. As a result my May 2019 reading round up is only my third post of the month. Things are looking up … Read more

April 2019 Reading Round Up

April 2019 was Easter month, and that means that my reading slowed down a bit as I had a busy time through until the end of Holy Weekend. Still, I managed five books this month. This might be the most diverse month I’ve had in a while. I’ve got one thriller, one sport biography, a … Read more