Eat Fat, Drink Sweet Wine, Send Portions

To read the first part, eat fat,  of this title you might be forgiven if you thought that the post might be some sort of reactionary rant against the new Canada Food Guide. Instead, what you’re going to get is another sermon. The title is a collapsing of Nehemiah 8:10. This was the Old Testament … Read more

Water into Wine: For the Common Good

This is today’s sermon. The readings it’s based on are: 1 Corinthians 12:1-11 and John 2:1-11. Spiritual Gifts and Water into Wine. The main reading for this sermon is from the Gospel of John where Jesus turns water into wine. It’s about doing things for the good of all. This is currently a challenging time … Read more

Sermon August 26, John 6:56-69

This is the last sermon from my series on John Chapter 6. At the end of the audio section I’ve included a couple of songs in Swahili sung by the family who joined us from Mozambique. They are originally are from the Congo, and as I posted a couple of weeks ago they have faced … Read more

Sermon, August 19th – John 6:51-58

Le Croissant Baguette.

My sermon for August 19th is my second last sermon on the sixth chapter of John. I used three writers as a large portion of the basis of this sermon. I’ve included links to their books in the text below. Previous sermons: July 22th, July 29th, Aug 5th, Aug12th August 19th Sermon May the words of … Read more

I Am The Bread of Life – John 6:22-35

I am the Bread of Life says Jesus.

Hello everyone. This week’s sermon on “I am the Bread of Life,” is a little late in getting up. We have had a rather traumatic incident at St. Philip’s. About three months ago, we had a refugee family from Mozambique join our parish. They are government sponsored, but come from the Anglican church in Mozambique. … Read more