Fringe Fest: Plays and Poutine

My previous post focused on a couple of Fringe Festival plays that I attended last week. During the past weekend I took in a little more of the Fringe Fest. I attended two more plays, and took in a bit of the stage show. *Show times can be found by clicking on the show links … Read more

Ingenue-Mix Tapes From My Mom

’The 2019 Winnipeg Fringe Festival is underway. I’m writing up two shows in this post. The first is Ingenue, which stars Melanie Gall. Ingenue centers around the stories and songs associated with Deanna Durbin and Judy Garland. *Show times for both of the shows listed here can be found by clicking on the show’s link in … Read more

Underground Opera – Garden Party

Last night I attended a Garden Party put on by Underground Opera. Underground Opera is one of the five opera companies that operate here in Winnipeg. The other four, if I’m correct, are Manitoba Opera Company, The Little Opera Company, Flipside Opera Company, and the Contemporary Opera Lab.* Members of Flipside joined in the performances. Five may … Read more

Dickens of a Dinner

Last night I had the opportunity of seeing a dinner theatre production of Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol. The show was put on by One88. They were using the show as a fundraiser for their community ministries.  I was graciously provided with a ticket to the event. My connection with One88 goes back to when they … Read more