Provencher Pavilions – Folklorama

Yesterday marked my third day of pavilion hopping. My first post is here, and my second is here. I decided that I would try to visit all three of the pavilions on or around Provencher Boulevard. The Belgian and Canadien-francais pavilions are both situated less than a block apart on Provencher. The Chilean pavilion is … Read more

Woven Together – Folklorama

Woven together is the theme for Folklorama together. As I went out on my tour today I kept that thought in mind. I visited two pavilions again today. The first was Casa Do Minho, the Portuguese pavilion on Wall Street. The second was the Scandinavian pavilion, a couple of blocks away on Erin. The two … Read more

Folklorama – Mediterranean Style

Mediterranean Pasta Making

It’s been a couple of years since I’ve taken in any Folklorama pavilions. This year I am operating on a media pass. I plan to take in several pavilions, particularly at the start of each week and write them up. I will be bringing food highlights, but I also will write about the cultural displays and … Read more