Celtic-Ireland Pavilion Folklorama

After taking in the Ethiopian and German pavilions, two day ago, last night I took in only one pavilion. While taking in Folklorama has been very enjoyable, it’s also a bit tiring. I decided to check out the Celtic-Ireland Pavilion on Archibald. Celtic-Ireland Food Since I was going to only one pavilion, I decide to … Read more

Ethiopian, German Pavilions Folklorama

Two days ago I visited the Cuban and Portugal pavilions. As regular readers of Dining with Donald know, I travel almost exclusively by foot or by bus. So, I appreciate Folklorama Pavilions being grouped close together. Monday, I managed to make my visits on foot. Yesterday, I hopped the bus up Main Street to take in … Read more

Cuban, Portugal Folklorama Tour

Cuban Pavilion sample platter.

A couple of days ago I visited the Africa and India pavilions. Yesterday as I continued on my Folklorama journey, I decided to see the world without leaving downtown. I began my evening at the Cuban Pavilion in the Convention Centre. I got even closer to home with my second stop. This was the Portugal … Read more

Africa, India Pavilions – Folklorama Week 2

My first week ended with a visit to the South Sudanese pavilion. After taking a few days off at the end of Folklorama’s first week, I got back into visiting pavilions yesterday with the start of the second week. I found myself up around St. Philip’s so I decided to start out in the area. … Read more

South Sudanese Pavilion – Folklorama

Yesterday, life caught up with me, so I didn’t end up posting about my visit to the South Sudanese Pavilion on Wednesday. My first Wednesday pavilion was the Japanese Pavilion. From there I hopped a bus down to the South Sudanese Pavilion. Located in the South Sudanese cultural centre on Dagmar, this Pavilion represents the … Read more

Japanese Pavilion Folklorama

Yesterday I visited the Japanese and South Sudan Pavilions for Foklorama. In preparing to write the up I looked for connections. In the end the only connection that really sprang to mind is that they are both on the Number 17 bus route. So, I’m writing separate posts for each pavilion. [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQdb9KYxAtk] Located in … Read more