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Capital Grill + Bar – Broadway Location

Capital Grill Broadway is the second location of a restaurant whose original location is in Charleswood. Although there are two locations, this post is only about the Broadway location. The Broadway location opened several months ago, and while I walk by it often, it is only recently that I stopped in.

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Capital Grill view
The view from the Capital Grill patio, along with my glass of water.

My first visit came as part of a reunion of sorts. For several years during my priestly training time, I worked doing tax returns for a bankruptcy firm. The firm is located on the corner of Broadway and Donald which is one my way to St. Philip’s. So despite being gone for several years, I still run into former co-workers from time to time. One day the suggestion was made that some of us should get together for lunch, and I suggested Capital Grill.

Capital Grill Lunch

I arrived first, and that gave me a chance to look over the place while I waited. Capital Grill is located in the Union Centre building. One reason I hesitated to try the place is that from the outside looking in, the dining room looks kind of bland. However, once inside, I see that the room has a warm, wood finish and a couple of design features that make the room quite cozy and attractive.

Janna is the first of my former co-workers to arrive followed closely by Karen and Katherine. We are seated at a table for four up against the back wall. My seat pretty much gave me a view of the whole restaurant. The hostess had left menus for the four of us when I arrived, and while we looked over our menus, our server came to bring us our water, and any drink orders. The server is attentive, pleasant, and conversational. I’ll add here that I find that the case on each visit I make, and with all servers.

Janna’s open-faced pickerel sandwich is definitely the highlight dish of the lunch.

A Longish Wait Time at Capital Grill

We placed our orders. Katharine orders the Carrot Soup, Karen orders a burger, Janna orders the Beer Battered Pickerel Sandwich. I order the soup of the day, which is a cream of cauliflower, and an order of truffle fries. After ordering we face the major disappointment of the meal. We are on lunch breaks, and while the service is attentive it takes a good 25 minutes for the food to arrive. On the plus side of this we did get plenty of uninterrupted conversation.

Burger and Fries
The burger and fries Karen Ordered.

The open-faced pickerel sandwich that Janna ordered seemed to be the star dish of the lunch. Karen described her burger as good, but not a standout compared to other burgers. Katherine really enjoyed the Carrot Soup. I quite enjoyed my cauliflower soup, but found the truffle fries a little disappointing. As much as anything this is because they didn’t do a very good job of mixing the cheese and oil, when they put the dish together. All the oil and cheese pooled at the bottom of the container.

All in all it makes for an enjoyable lunch, and also a great chance to catch up with long-time friends.

My truffle fries.

Brunch Time

Something I notice when visiting is that the restaurant offers a brunch. It’s been a while since I last headed out for brunch, so a couple of Saturday’s later I headed out to Capital Grill for brunch. I show up just at opening time and I am the only customer there. There’s a nice, cool breeze, so I decide to sit out in the patio. With an umbrella to keep the sun off, this is a very pleasant way to start the morning.

Looking over the brunch menu I opt for a steak bowl. There isn’t an online menu, so I don’t have the actual name. The dish, though contains steak and eggs benedict over a pile of potatoes and vegetables. On the whole the dish is quite good. I did, however, ask for my steak rare, and when it arrived it barely qualified as medium(although well-seasoned).

My Steak and Eggs Benedict brunch bowl.
Capital Grill Steak
The steak is not as rare as I wanted it to be.

I was the first person to arrive and when I left almost an hour later, I was still the only customer. That allowed me time to leisurely enjoy my brunch. This is a good thing as the portion sizes at Capital Grill are quite substantial. The brunch bowl I ate was more than enough to keep me going for the rest of the day. I ordered a mimosa to drink with my brunch. I’m not a huge mimosa fan, but the fact that they offered a grapefruit version convince me to order one.

I almost think I should have placed the glass over the umbrella hole.

Pre-Fringe Supper

Having done Lunch and Brunch, I paid one more visit for supper. My last two posts were about Fringe plays I watched. I figured that having a bite to eat at Capital Grill would be a good way to finish this set of visits. Again I chose the patio for my meal. This time there were a few other people outside as well as other diners inside.

Short rib pasta
The short rib pasta that I had was my favourite dish from all my visits.

This time I order a short rib rigatoni dish. The pasta was well cooked. The sauce was full-flavoured and there was a good pile of super moist and tender beef. This is one dish I would order again. For beverage I went with a mocktail. I figured I could enjoy that and still remain awake while I enjoyed the play later on. It was quite refreshing.

Capital Grill Mocktail
A little sweet, but quite refreshing mocktail.

Given how often I walk down Broadway I undoubtedly will stop in again at Capital Grill. Capital Grill is not at the top of my list of places for dinner, but I do find it fairly enjoyable.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.