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Canada Fries Food Truck

Late last summer, early in the fall, my friend and fellow food lover Cory Boehm asked me if I had seen the new fry truck which was parked across from Holy Trinity. I think it showed up between Wednesdays, which are the days I’m at Holy Trinity to Celebrate the Eucharist. The truck is called Canada Fries.

Canada Fries Truck
Back of the Canada Fries truck.
Irish Stew
Irish Stew

The day after I got the message was Tuesday, so the next day I headed over across Smith Street once my Eucharist was ended. As things worked out, Cory was there as well and we both had an order of fries. I made the mistake of ordering the large order of fries. I say it was a mistake because that was more food then I could handle.
I went once more, but before I got around to writing a post, the truck disappeared for the winter. Figuring there wouldn’t be much interest in a truck that was nowhere around, I decided to hold off and see if they returned again this year.

I hadn’t seen the Canada Fries truck at all this year, but Cory let me know a couple of weeks ago that it was hanging out by the Health Sciences Centre. Navigating my way around the City of Winnipeg’s attempts to make the HSC inaccessible to any pedestrians coming from the North end of Sherbrook I wove my way over, and found the truck. There is a big change from last year in that Canada Fries has added burgers and hot dogs to their fry menu. So, here’s my thoughts, in my usual food truck fashion.


The fries are a real good value. At each level, small, medium, and large, you receive good bang for your buck. I had the cheeseburger on my latest visit, along with a medium fry for $10.00. On it’s own the cheeseburger is $6.00 and had a really good sized homemade patty. 4.5/5


There are a variety of burgers and dogs, along with the fries, a poutine, and a Mexican Poutine. While there are a lot of sauces (including Sriracha) available, the only topping available was onions. There were no tomatoes or pickles available. 4/5

Canada Fries Burger
The Canada Fries Cheeseburger. You can see the cheese slices poking out around the edges of the burger.


The quality is quite good. The hamburger is homemade and there is little filler in it. The fries are double cooked, which the owners refer to as Kenora Style (the owners are from out that way). The fries could use a little less salt, but they have dialed back on the vinegar, which is good. The gravy I had on my second order of fries last year, was good and meaty. 4/5

Canada Fries fries
Medium French Fries from Canada Fries.


Last year they were using a paper tray that the vinegar from the fries leaked through. This year they’ve been replaced by with recloseable styrofoam containers. 4/5


The service is good. The orders are processed and the owners like to interact with their customers. 4.5/5

Canada Fries Overall:

This will give you a good meal for a decent price. It’s the kind of place where you could each order a burger and split an orders of fries and have a nice lunch. Definitely worth stopping and giving it a try. 4/5

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.