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Café Postal – Provencher

I’m gradually making my way around the various new small venue coffee shops in Winnipeg.  So far I’ve written up Parlour Coffee and Thom Bargen Coffee and Tea.  Now that I’m in the St. Boniface area, I’m adding Café Postal to that list.

Cafe Postal tea
Maple Black Tea from Cafe Postal
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Like the other small scale coffee shops, this one offers a high end, high quality product. You can get tea, coffee, coffee beverages, and hot chocolate.  The staff knows how to make all of the different beverages well.  I’ve been pleased with all the beverages I’ve had hear, with one exception. However, the emphasis should be on exception, and I’ll explain why below.
Along the way they also offers some treats and the odd sandwich if you’re in the need of something more substantial.  The baked goods and sandwiches come from Tall Grass Prairie, so you can be assured that you’re getting good quality in the food.

Cafe Postal Mocha
Mocha from Cafe Postal

When it comes to seating, there is one long bar that faces out to the street.  The seats are spaced out enough that you are not lacking for elbow room if you choose to sit down. You’ll also find a few newspapers, English and French, at one end. The service, is quick and friendly.

Café Postal, Americano.

I bought an Americano on my first visit to the café.  That was in early 2013 only a couple of months after the place was opened.  At that time I thought the Americano was lacking kick, a little on the weak side.  So, when I went back again, I was curious to see if things are different. They are.  The Americano I most recently had was strong.  It had an almost syrupy quality to it.  That’s why I called it an exception earlier.

I’m not sure if that quality was related to the way it was made or not.  This is the first place where I’ve seen the barista fill the cup with the hot water, and then drip the espresso into the cup.  This appears to be a technique known as a Long Black, if I correctly read the Wikipedia entry on Americanos.  I’d have to try a few more prepared in this fashion before I’d be prepared to make a call between the two varieties.

Nevertheless, Café Postal more than holds it’s own with the other small scale coffee shops in Winnipeg.  Provencher makes a great street to walk along, even during a Winnipeg winter.  Café Postal offers a pleasant break from your walk.  Drop in if you are in the area.

By Donald McKenzie

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