Reviews and Such Korean Restaurants

Cafe Lemon Tree – St. Mary’s Road

I happened upon Cafe Lemon Tree more by chance than design. Visiting a parishioner in the area I took a look around the strip mall as I waited for a bus. Cafe Lemon Tree looked intriguing so I made a note to visit the next time I was out that way.
One of the first things you notice when you enter is the large collection of tea pots. They are stacked on wood shelves in behind and around the counter. It reminds me of a somewhat subdued version of Dwarf No Cachette.  Another thing you notice is that there are novelty salt and pepper shakers on each table. On my first visit my shakers were a little disturbing as you can see in the picture below.

Cafe Lemon Tree shakers
A vaguely disturbing salt and pepper shaker combo at Cafe Lemon Tree.

Cafe Lemon Tree Breakfast

Yellow Lantern Cafe visit | Michael...
Yellow Lantern Cafe visit | Michael's Hut

My first visit was early afternoon. I noticed that brunch is available. On this visit I decided on the cheapest option. I’m not quite sure why scrambled eggs are a dollar more, but decide they’re not worth the extra cost. The meal arrives with a good portion of hash browns, two eggs over medium and crispy bacon.

Cafe Lemon Tree Breakfast
The basic breakfast at Cafe Lemon Tree

My beverage of choice would normally be an Americano. However, I find that the prices of coffee beverages at Cafe Lemon Tree are too high. Their Americano is $3.95 which is almost a dollar more than anywhere else. The regular coffee which I order is just all right, nothing special.

Coffee from Cafe Lemon Tree.
Cafe Lemon Tree coffee.


My second time I arrive a little later in the day. This time I go for a Korean meal. I start off with the Gyoza dumplings. There are 8 in the service, but despite what may appear in the picture below, they are quite small.

Cafe Lemon Tree Gyoza
There is less to the Gyoza then there appears to be.

My main course on the other hand, is the best dish I ate there. I chose the Beef Bulgogi. It comes with plenty of beef, that is quite tender. The rice is quite crispy, and the vegetables good, although why the french fries, I’m not sure.

main course
Cafe Lemon Tree’s Beef Bulgogi with pineapple on top.

When the side dishes arrived, I thought there were three, but the third was simply ketchup. The Kim Chi is rather disappointing. There isn’t enough spice to it, and the cabbage pickle is quite bland.

Cafe Lemon Tree side dishes.

Once again the beverage is disappointing. I ordered the bottled ginger ale. It turns out that the bottle is 355ml. It’s $2.45. So, apparently you are getting a can of pop size ways, and paying extra for misplaced nostalgia.

The service is good. However, neither time I went was it busy enough to know whether or not it would be the same during a rush. In fact, both times I went there was only one other table being served. Perhaps Cafe Lemon Tree is a great tea house. However, as a restaurant it’s not a place I would rush back to.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.