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Café 22 On Broadway

Café 22

Earlier this week I wrote about my life undergoing some changes (that post has since been removed).  I said at the time that I would be doing fewer restaurant reviews, but not eliminating them entirely.  At the top of my list to review are restaurants that I have already visited, but wished to give at least one more visit before reviewing.  Café 22 at 336 Broadway falls into this category.
Technically the restaurant is Café 22/Pizza Hotline.  I have not ordered pizza from there, so this review is only focusing on the first part of the name.  In the past I’ve picked up salad and a couple of their other items to go.  I haven’t found the items to be particularly memorable, but they were generally satisfying and a good value, and I was able to get in and out in good time.
The only menu I can find online covers most of the offerings that you will find covers most of the items that you will find if you dine in.  The online menu doesn’t contain items like the chicken fingers, which I had or the fries/yam fries.  The online menu also doesn’t have prices, but these are in the low to medium low range for most items.

Cafe 22 pasta bowl
The build your own pasta bowl from Cafe 22.

Of the items that I’ve tried here, the yam fries would rate the best.  My experience of yam fries is that they generally go soggy and lose their consistency quite quickly.  The ones at Café 22 held up quite nicely.  I ate them with the chicken fingers which were not outstanding, but not bad.
Not outstanding but not bad describes most of the food at Café 22.  I had the build your own pasta, combining fettuccine with bolognese sauce, sausage and meatballs (I am a meat lover).  While their was a generous serving of both sausage and meatball, the pasta was cooked fairly far past al dente, and the sauce was a little on the salty side.  I did though like the fresh baguette with oil that came with it.  The baguette came to the table hot from the oven, and was nice and chewy.  The oil that came with it was nicely spiced and arrived at the table in a bottle, allowing me to use it to my hearts content.

Café 22 Overall:

This isn’t the kind of restaurant that will inspire you to book a trip to Italy to discover the roots of your meal.  However, if you’re looking for a reasonably priced, reasonably flavourful lunch spot, Café 22 isn’t a bad place to stop.  A couple of other positives that should be considered are the comfortable decor and the service which I’ve found to be attentive, friendly and efficient.

By Donald McKenzie

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