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Bronuts, Exchange District

Bronuts taking part in an emerging trend. 

Pizzeria Opening New Location Today
Pizzeria Opening New Location Today

One of the biggest trends in dining out is taking simple fare and, to use a popular Masterchef phrase, elevating it. It’s happened with Poutine, and even with Tater Tots. In some places toast is the latest thing to receive such treatment. So, it’s not surprising that Donuts or Doughnuts, if you insist, are going upscale. Not too many months ago, Oh Doughnuts started appearing on the scene. Then Bronuts opened up.

Bronuts rain shot
Shooting picture of Bronuts doughnuts in the rain.

Located next door to King + Bannatyne, Bronuts is the the brainchild of two brothers. The aim of the shop is to sell gourmet doughnuts (I’m one who insists) along with high quality coffee. Given that they continue to regularly sell out of their product, they certainly have hit the sweet spot with Winnipeg consumers.

Visiting Bronuts:

I had seen that the shop was located on King, but didn’t realize until I had almost walked by it that it was located next to King + Bannatyne. This is a great location, as it makes for a great dessert stop if you’d had lunch at King + Bannatyne (something I recommend you do if you get the chance.)

One thing of note since I wrote this post. Bronuts has greatly expanded the variety of doughnuts they carry. They have also introduced several cake doughnuts along with their yeast raised doughnuts. I said at the time of this post that I found their doughnuts to sweet, but the yeast raised doughnuts in general are generally not as sweet, so I tend to order those now.

When I walked inside, the decor reminded me very much of Little Sister Coffee Maker. The big difference is the high ceilings at Bronuts. The lineup was quite long, and as it was closer to lunch time, two of the four varieties on offer were sold out.  Also, despite having quite a good amount of seating there wasn’t a whole pile of room.

So, I ordered one each of the Cinnamon Sugar and Vanilla Iced Doughnuts and took them outside to eat. There was a little bit of rain, but I was able to enjoy my Americano and doughnuts while sitting at one of the picnic tables that surround The Cube.

All the doughnuts are named after family members. I don’t have them all, but the Peanut Butter Chocolate one in the picture above is named Madison after the owners’s sister. The doughnuts were very fresh each time I went in. I liked the texture of all the doughnuts, but wasn’t as overwhelmed with the toppings. The Cinnamon Sugar is my favourite due to the fact that it is the least sweet of the four I tried. Both the Nutella and Madison doughnuts come with plenty of topping, but I found both were tooth achingly sweet.

The other thing that I’d like to see different is more invention in the toppings. I’d also like to see filled options. One of the things that Oh Doughnut brought to the market was inventive fillings and toppings.

Their Pistachio Cream filled doughnut was quite simply the best doughnut I’ve ever tried. That they offered it as a vegan choice was even more remarkable. So far, I haven’t seen a commitment from Bronuts to using premium items in their gourmet doughnuts. I have been pleased with both the Americano and Latte that I’ve ordered.

I mentioned earlier that the shop was quite full my first time in. I didn’t have to wait long as both the order taking and drink making were quite efficient.

Bronuts reading.
A little theological reading makes a good mix with a bevvy and a doughnut.

One of the things that a gourmet doughnut shop brings is gourmet prices. As things stand Bronuts products are well above the product you get from Tim’s or Robin’s. However, I would like to see more variety and invention in their doughnuts before I consider making this place a semi-regular doughnut stop.

By Donald McKenzie

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