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Broadway Desserts Truck Versions

2022 Update: Even before Covid-19 hit, City of Winnipeg regulations were driving food trucks off of Broadway. Tokyo Rabbit is still around, but you aren’t likely to see them on Broadway any time soon.

Panda Express at Green Meadows Ave.
Panda Express at Green Meadows Ave.

I picked up a hint from fellow MB Food Blogger Rebecca Hadfield that there was a new truck on Broadway.  This one was a Japanese dessert truck.  So, naturally I made my way up to Broadway , because I love my Broadway food trucks, and discovered that there was not only one, but two new dessert oriented trucks operating.
The first was the aforementioned Japanese dessert truck, known as Tokyorabbit.

The Tokyo Rabbit dessert truck.
The Tokyo Rabbit is a new dessert truck on Broadway.


Broadway Desserts from the Waffle Guy
Waffle Guy dessert truck parked on Broadway.

The other is a known as The Waffle Guy. So, like the opening of Smashbox poutine, these comments will come without any ratings since they are both very recently open.

Reviewing Food Trucks on Broadway

Value:  TokyoRabbit offers crepes at $5.00 including three fillings, and cream puffs at $2.00 each or 3/$5.00.  They also offer a pork sandwich for $5.00 and teas ranging from $2-3.50.

The waffle at the Waffle Guy comes with a price tag of $6.00 that includes icing sugar and one topping.  Other toppings are available for $1.00 extra.  The waffle itself is a little on the small side, given the price.

Selection:  TokyoRabbit has a wide variety of fillings for the crepes and two choices for the cream puffs along with the pork sandwich and at least one other item that will be added to the menu soon.

The Waffles Guy has a much more limited selection of toppings.  Four fruit, whipped cream and ice cream.  An option of bacon or some other savoury to offset the waffles sweetness would be a nice addition.

Quality:  The TR cream puff had a fine chocolate custard style filling, but the pastry was dry and brittle.  On the other hand the crepe was crispy, but the butter I had as part of my filling was simply a solid lump.

The WG waffle was very good.  These are Liege Waffles, a variant on the Belgian Waffle, and are more cake like in their texture.  They were crispy on the outside and reasonably moist and chewy on the inside.  I don’t know if no syrup is part of the Liege Waffle tradition, but I would have liked some with mine.

Portability:  The TR offerings came in what could best be described as a french fry bag with one of the sides cut off.  Somewhat messy and the liquids all ran through, so that the seasoning wasn’t even throughout.

WG waffle came in a closeable, recyclable container.  These are the best kind.
Service:  The service at the TR truck was friendly and quite efficient.
At WG, the service was very friendly, but the heat on the waffle iron had been turned down, which slowed the pace down.

Overall:  Tokyorabbit needs to work some bugs out, particularly on making the puff part of the cream puff fresh, but is definitely worth stopping by and trying.
The Waffle Guy makes a great product, but the price point seems a tad high.  Still, it’s a great thing to try when you want a product that’s nice and sweet without being oversweet.  I’ll definitely be back over the course of the summer.

As a note, The Waffle Guy, won’t be out the rest of the week as he is heading off to Minnedosa for “Rocking the Fields.”


By Donald McKenzie

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