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Bread N Biryani 616 Ellice Avenue

Bread N Biryani is a new Indian restaurant that recently opened on Ellice Avenue. I’ve got a few reviews to work through, but I thought I would stick with Indian food for this one.

Bread N Biryani menu
Bread N Biryani features a colourful front on their menu.

Bread N Biryani sits on the Northeast corner of Ellice Avenue and Maryland Street. The building it occupies was previously home to Shawarma Time. Shawarma Time itself was under relatively new ownership, as the original owners, after a spell out of Canada, now run Altanour.

The interior of the restaurant doesn’t look all that much different. The tables seem to be the same ones that were there previously. Two changes are noticeable. One, the order counter has a nice electronic menu posted behind it. Two, and most noticeable, is the wall to your left as you walk in. A rather rundown set of pictures portraying all the Shawarma Time dishes used to dominate that wall. That has been taken down and replace with nine square pictures of different Indian spices. Each picture also includes a brief description of the spice and its properties.

Bread N Biryani Takeout

The first time I stopped by I decided I was going to go with takeout, even though there were very few people in the restaurant.

Bread N Biryani Rogen Josh
The Bread N Biryani version of Lamb Rogen Josh is not as spicy as Shahi Flames, but still is quite spicy.

I ordered a combination meal that included Lamb Rogen Josh, Rice, A Samosa, Naan, and a soft drink. This meal is available at $12.99, and at that price is quite a steal. The Lamb in this dish is not as spicy as the Shahi Flames version. However there is still a really good serving of tender lamb, and the spice is quite noticeable. I did order hot, and pretty much got that.

Garlic naan
It’s a few cents more for Garlic Naan, so I paid and added that.

Here there is good amount of Garlic on the Garlic Naan. The Samosa is good and crispy on the outside with plenty of filling on the outside. I found the pastry for the Bread N Biryani feature, a bit lighter than some others, which I quite enjoyed. I’d show the picture, but WordPress won’t allow me to insert the cropped version.

Bread N Biryani Gulab Jamum
A nice, sweet, and light bit of dessert to finish off the meal.

One thing I liked about this visit, is that as I sat waiting for my order they brought out a bit of pappadam for me to snack on.

A nice bit of pappadam
Some pappadam to snack on while I waited for my order.

Returning to Dine In

When I returned a few days later, I decided I would eat my dinner at the restaurant. The tables are well spread out to start with and there is only one other table in use when I arrive. This time I order three dishes: I order the chicken curry soup, the Chicken Hakka noodles, Garlic Naan, and Papri Chaat. I also add a Mango Laasi to the order.

Chicken Curry Soup
Well seasoned chicken curry soup.

While I enjoy my spicy food, I also like dishes that deliver a deep flavour without a lot of spice. Such is the case with this Chicken Curry Soup. The broth is warm and rich, and there is tender chicken as I go through the bowl. The Papri Chaat, shown below, has more yoghurt and chutney than most of the ones I’ve tried. However the mixture was a little thinner than some which makes up for the volume.

Bread N Biryani Papri Chaat
The dressing for the Bread N Biryani Papri Chaat are little runnier than others, but also a little lighter.

The Chicken Hakka noodles are tasty and there is a huge pile of them. One of my reasons for ordering this is that noodles are my favourite carb, and I order them more than any other carb. The Naan was once again enjoyable, and the Mango Lassi cut through some of the thickness of the noodles and the papri chaat.

Hakka Noodles
This probably should be noodles for two, but, I managed.


Mango Lassi
Mango Lassi, my go to drink at Indian restaurants.

I mentioned earlier about the pappadam I was brought while waiting for my takeout order. That is characteristic of all the service here. The service is attentive. They take your order correctly, and if they have any doubts, they come back to  make sure they got it right. Bread N Biryani is definitely going to be future stop for me.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.