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Bourbon Street Grill

Every so often I run into a restaurant that doesn’t quite make sense. Bourbon Street Grill in St. Vital Centre is one such place. I first visited early in 2015 while Winnipeg was under it’s boil water advisory. I was meeting with a couple of clergy friends in the food court, and Bourbon Street Grill was one of the few available options.
What I found strange was, while the restaurant offered a few Cajun style dishes the majority of the menu seemed to be typical of a food court Chinese restaurant. As it turned out, I quite enjoyed the chicken but the rest of the items rather pedestrian.

Bourbon Street Combo
A combo plate from the Bourbon Street Grill.
Schwartz's Diner in Montreal
Schwartz's Diner in Montreal

Fast forward a few months and I was meeting again with the same bunch, and decided to give Bourbon Street another try.
Having tried the Blackened Chicken on my first visit, I decided to go with the Bourbon Chicken. It was pretty good, tender, but not as flavourful as the Blackened Chicken. The spicy noodles were not consistent with my order earlier in the year. That order had more bite to it. The rest of the plate wasn’t anything that I would want to return for.

Bourbon Street Pho

I went back one more time before writing this. I had noticed on the previous visit that they had Vietnamese soups on the menu, and I decided I wanted to give one of them a try. I ordered the Deluxe Pho and I was very pleased. First of all their was a rich broth. Plus they didn’t skimp on any of the ingredients. There were two nice sized shrimps along with several pieces each of pork, beef, and broccoli. I haven’t tried all the dishes in the food court, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this Pho was the best of the lot. I added an order of Chicken Wings with this. The coating was crispy, and the meat tender, but like the spicy noodles, the spice was somewhat lacking.

Bourbon street Pho
Bourbon Street Grill makes a remarkably good Pho. Worth making a stop just to try this dish.

If you are ever at St. Vital Centre, I’d recommend that you stop at Bourbon Street if for no other reason than to try the Pho. Other than that, I’d suggest sticking with the Cajun dishes and ignoring the others.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.