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Boston Pizza – Taylor Avenue

Boston Pizza is one these places that always leaves me with mixed feelings. It seems to offer so much, but I often come away slightly disappointed. The City Place location is the one I visit the most. So, when I received a gift card the other day, I thought I would try a different site.

DKS East 108 Diner experience (Retr...
DKS East 108 Diner experience (Retro Marikina) | Michael's Hut

Instead of my usual City Place location I went with the Boston Pizza on Taylor just down from Grant Park Mall. I like the area, and it gives me an excuse to scour McNally Robinson’s for any discounted food books. One reason I chose a different location is I frequently experience order errors at the City Place location.

Boston Pizza Supper

When I get the menu I notice they are offering pizza flights. This allows you to choose three mini pizzas out of selection of five. The flight concept seems to be everywhere these days. Beer flights and wine flights are all the rage. The fact that Boston Pizza has taken on the concept suggests that it may have “jumped the shark.” Still, it’s a way to try more than one pizza. I went with the Perogy pizza,  the BBQ Chicken, and the Deluxe.

I’m checking using their online menu, which is very difficult to use.  This doesn’t surprise me as my server really pushed having me fill out a survey on the pizza flights. Information harvesting seems a high priority for Boston Pizza. Despite that, the service here was quite good on both occasions I visited. The pop is bottomless and both servers made sure mine was regularly topped up. They were also very good at bringing my orders on time and checking to see if I wanted anything else.

Pizza Flight Summary

I enjoyed all three of the pizza. The Spicy Perogy lived up to it’s name, and the Deluxe came with lots of toppings. However it still left me hungry. So, I put an order in for a pound of wings to top up my meals. I went with the Thai Chili wings. I liked the option of getting them oven baked as opposed to deep fried. They arrived moist with good flavour, but I got the feeling that the pound is scant rather than generous. This is a general feeling I get with Boston Pizza. The prices aren’t bad, the food is pretty good, but I just don’t quite feel that I am getting good value for my money.

Lunch and Euro 2016

Today I paid a return visit. I figured I would be able to catch the end of the Euro 2016 match between Germany and Italy. This time I ordered the soup of the day and a half order of pasta. The soup of the day was a Chicken Gumbo. It was the one item I ordered that I would call disappointing. It gave every impression of coming out of a can or giant plastic container.

The Mediterranean Bow Tie pasta, on the other hand, came with a nice selection of vegetables that gave each biteful a different flavour.

The game was eventful, and as it became clear that it would requires to penalties to decide it, I ordered a Panookie for dessert. A Panookie is a giant chocolate chip cookie baked on a mini pizza pan, topped with ice cream, and slathered with chocolate and caramel syrups. This dish is both filling and delicious.

Boston Pizza Panookie
The panookie, a delicious way to finish off a meal at Boston Pizza.

I suppose that somewhere along the line I’ll end up at a Boston Pizza again. However, it will likely be at someone else’s suggestion rather than mine.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.