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Bob Watts Trio – Holy Trinity

You’ll notice if you read my Fall Suppers post, that the Holy Trinity Fall Supper is cancelled. Instead, on October 16th, Holy Trinity is holding a fundraising concert featuring the Bob Watts Trio. There is however, a food connection to this event. Money raised from this concert is going to the Holy Trinity’s Mission Ministry.

Bob Watts Trio tickets
Bob Watts and his trio are bringing a Latin Infused sound to Holy trinity.

The Mission Ministry engages with the broader community in many ways. Most notably by providing lunches to roughly 150 visitors off of the street Monday to Friday of every week. Under the leadership of Father Henry Falconer and the Kitchen Angels, the lunch service offers soup, sandwiches, and usually a pastry. Along with that conversations and smiles are also being served.
Over the last couple of years the circle of people involved has grown. Members of the Downtown Biz Patrol often serve the soup, as do employees from downtown businesses, most notably Scotiabank. It’s a big job and they can always use more help.

Bob Watts Trio

Bob Watts is a drummer who for many years led his trio here in Winnipeg. I’ve known Bob for around 25 years dating back to our days at Church of the Way. I met up with him again when I began attending Holy Trinity. For several years we were both members of Hearts Refuge, the band that leads the singing at Holy Trinity’s 9:45 am service.
The Bob Watts Trio now operates primarily out of Victoria, where he and his family live. However, Bob still has many ties to Winnipeg and returns two or three times in the year. When in Winnipeg he frequently plays at Prairie Ink at McNally Robinson Booksellers. Sometimes he arrives with the trio and sometimes he collaborates with a few of the many musicians he is connected to here. Bob is a versatile drummer. He plays with a sense of enthusiasm and abandonment. He’s always swinging hard behind his kit

CD Launch

The concert will mark the release of his third CD. The first two were Christmas CDs. I know there are a few available, so bring along a little extra cash. As the poster says, the new release is entitled, Kick off Your Shoes.
The piano player for the trip and CD is Cuban born Pablo Cardenas. Mr. Cardenas has been busy making a name for himself on Vancouver Island for several years now. He brings a great deal of verve and elan to his playing. I don’t know who the third member of the trio will be. (A little suspense is a good thing).
Here is a little sample of Pablo Cardenas’s solo piano work.
Refreshments are being served during this concert. A reminder that tickets are $20.00. So, mark the 16th of October on your calendar. Buy your tickets and come out to enjoy a great concert in support of a great cause.
If jazz isn’t particularly your thing, on October 11, 12:10 pm Holy Trinity is also featuring Pipes Alive for Thanksgiving. This features Holy Trinity organist Richard Greig. These are always enjoyable recitals.

By Donald McKenzie

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