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Biz Patio Tour – Physically Distanced Version.

The Downtown Biz is slowly reopening some of their popular summer events. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, there are outdoor concerts, and on weekends they are restarting their patio tours.

Biz tour Mural
Mural above the entrance to the Garrick Entertainment Centre, Garry Street, North of Portage Ave.
Renaissance convention center - Eve...
Renaissance convention center - Events place (birthdays, debuts, weddings) | Michael's Hut

This is the fourth time I have been on one of these Biz tours. Something new with this year’s edition is the addition of viewing some of the mural downtown. A little bit more walking, but well worth it. 

Biz Tour at The Beer Can

Our first stop is at The Beer Can. This is a new, physically distanced patio, in a space just south of the Fortune Building. The Fortune is one of the sponsors of The Beer Can. If you are unfamiliar with The Fortune Building, it is home to Times Changed High and Lonesome Club. Historically, the building is also Winnipeg’s best known link to the sinking of the Titanic

Outside The Beer Can is a mural by Jonato Dalayoan. You can find it and most of the other murals at the Wall to Wall mural site.

Biz mural by Jonato
The mural outside of The Beer Can.

In addition to the mural on Main Street, the artist also painted several smaller murals on the interior of the wall. To these he added paint on the tables, to complete the look.

The bar itself is in a shipping container. They sell a good selection of craft beers along with wine, and cocktails. There is also a selection of non-alcoholic  beverages. For dining there is a series of rotating food trucks.

For my beverage I enjoyed a Don’t Fret American IPA by Torque Brewery. This is a nice, refreshing choice to start off the tour. 

Garrick Centre Murals

From the Beer Can we wander on down to the Garrick Centre. A one time movie theatre, the Garrick is now a concert and event centre. I only went there once, years ago, for a Comeback Kid concert. 

There are two murals here. The first is called Love, by New York Muralist Queen Andrea. This is the mural at the top of the post, and it is bold and dramatic. The second one, below is by  Cyndie Belhumeur + Shaneela Boodoo and draws on imagery of Winnipeg.

garrick biz mural
The second mural at The Garrick.

A fun fact about this mural. The little blue mound at the bottom left, is inspired by one of the fabrics used on Winnipeg buses. 

Biz Patio #2 Capital Grill

The second patio we visited is at Capital Grill on Broadway. Capital Grill is located in the Winnipeg Union Centre. We also got to view Winnipeg’s newest mural. Set to be unveiled today, it is designed by Charlie Johnston, and focuses on Winnipeg’s Labour History.

Biz Mural by Charlie Johsston
This massive mural takes up the whole east side of the Union Centre.

The mural covers history from at least the time of the 1919 General Strike, right up to the present day. It also does a good job of incorporating the physical features of the building into the mural. 

After admiring the mural, we go around the corner to the Capital Grill patio. This is a place I have visited and written about. Here our beverage is a variation on a pina colada. 

Biz beverage
This is good and refreshing.

Capital Grill is also a food stop.* Normally, on these tour there are a couple of appetizers for food. Capital Grill very generously allowed people to choose an item off of the menu.

Capital Grill Chicken, cheddar club.
A delicious bbq chicken and cheddar club sandwich.

I went with the BBQ Chicken and Cheddar club sandwich. The chicken was moist, and well seasoned, and the fries were also cooked well. 

The clouds threatened rain all through the tour, but only were starting to drizzle a lit bit as we finished up at this location.

*Restaurants and bars will vary from tour to tour. 

Lake of the Woods Brewery

Our third and final stop is at the Lake of the Woods Brewery in Hargrave Market. Along the way we stopped to check out the murals at Fools and Horses. Unfortunately I did not get any pictures at this spot. You can however, find them a the Wall to Wall Mural page linked above. 

Lake of the Woods Brewery is one of the two food and beverage places in the Market I had yet to visit. On our arrival, the rain is just beginning to fall a little heavier. Fortunately, the patio umbrellas keep us dry.

The Lake of the Woods Grapefruit Radler.

Lake of the Woods offers a Grapefruit Radler. this is one of my favourite beverages. 

Along with our beverage we are also given a touring of the brewing space. This is done in small group so we can maintain physical distancing. All of the places we visit make sure there is plenty of room available.

Biz tours are led by Susan Ainley, director of special projects. Susan is always a friendly, well-informed, and delightful guide. Tours are $45.00 and worth every penny. 

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.