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BIMI – Kenaston Village Mall

I’ve started trying to work my way through River Heights on my Zomato profile. My goal is one day to be an expert in every Winnipeg neighbourhood (vanity, I know). It’s a slower process then I hoped, but with visits to my mom and occasional stops at CMU, I’m getting there. I visited Freshii recently, and have also managed to make a couple of stops at BIMI Korean-Japanese restaurant in the same mall.

Bimi Gyoza
The gyoza were one of the highlights of my visit, but the spring rolls not so much

All You Can Eat

It’s not very well advertised as you walk into the restaurant, but BIMI does offer an all you can eat deal for a good part of the work week. The price is $16.95 and includes most of the menu. I was torn between this and trying the Korean entrees. Time was short, so it seemed that all-you-can-eat would work out well.

I ordered seven different items. Like other all-you-can-eat places such as Sushi Gen and Mooshiro, I found some dishes quite enjoyable and some rather uninspiring. I really enjoyed the Gyoza. The dumpling was made with tempura and as result was crispy over the whole of the outside, and the filling was plentiful and savoury. I also really enjoyed the Miso Soup, Vegetarian Sunomono Salad, Udon Soup, and the Dak Gang Jung (Spicy Octopus Dish).

Bimi octopus
The spicy octopus.

On the other hand the Harumaki spring rolls were almost devoid of filling. The Tako Kimchi did have a fair bit of flavour, but the sauce was too thick.
The all-you-can-eat special comes with a scoop of mango ice cream for dessert. This adds a sweet but not overly sweet finish to the meal. You can also add a glass of pop for an additional dollar. I went with a glass of ginger ale to help settle everything after the meal.
I found the portions quite large. Although I only tried seven items from the menu, I was pretty much stuffed by the time I was finished. The service was quite good. Friendly and efficient. The only thing that would have made it better was if the items I had ordered had come to the table with a little more spacing between them.  I know with all-you-can-eat the restaurant doesn’t want people eating too much, but I felt a little rushed.

Trying BIMI Korean:

My next time at BIMI I decided I would give one of the Korean Entrees a try. I also figured that I would see what the sushi rolls were like. I tried both a California Roll and a Dynamite Roll. I think if I were to order sushi again, I would try a more complex roll as neither of the rolls I ordered were in the least bit interesting. Bland is the word for both.The vegetarian Sunomono salad from Bimi
On the other hand, the Bulgogi was quite good. The beef was tender, and the broth was salty in a real good way. The noodles were tender and there was a pile of mushrooms included.  The side dishes were quite remarkable. For one thing they were quite large. I’d say the portions were all double the size of any I’d had. The radish was crisp and spicy, the kimchi had a good bite, and Tempura Vegetables were something I’d never been served as a side dish, but they came good and crispy.
Bimi is certainly good value for money. It may be that I need to visit a few more times to find out what their specialties are.It’s worth noting that the supper all-you-can-eat is $25.99, so I can’t say if that’s as good a value as the lunch one.  However, Bimi’s a pretty good bet at any time.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.