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Bento Sushi Express – Portage Place

Bento Sushi Express review.

From time to time I like to try out different Food Court restaurants in local malls. Most of the time, these places aren’t all that spectacular but once in a while you run across one that is quite good. Such a place is Sushi June in CityPlace. Having enjoyed Sushi June, I thought I would give the Bento Sushi Express location in Portage Place a try.

Bento Sushi Express Bento Box
The Bento Sushi Express Bento Box. A bit of a mixed bag.

My first visit was around closing time for the food court, and I wasn’t sure that they would have all their menu items available. So, I picked up one of their packaged rolls, figuring if nothing else I would get a second one if the menu items weren’t available. Happily, when I ordered the Beef Udon soup, there was no problem getting it made for me.

The soup was quite good. I was pleased with the richness of the broth and there is also a good portion of tender beef, and lots of noodles as well.

Bento Sushi Express Udon soup.
A really fine Udon soup.

This Udon holds up well with any I’ve had in other Winnipeg restaurants.
The roll, a salmon one, was nothing exceptional. It was still recently fresh after sitting in the case, but the flavours didn’t jump out in any way.

Bento Sushi Express Salmon roll
Salmon roll from Bento Sushi Express

Bento Sushi Express Bento Box

Given that Bento is in the name, I figured I’d give the Bento Box a try on my next visit. The Bento Boxes come with a Teriyaki dish as the main item along with a variety of other items.

The order I received, came with a little bit of salad in the top left section, what I’d describe as a half roll of sushi, and some tempura battered vegetables in the bottom right section.

The Beef Teriyaki was quite good. It is one of those dishes that it seems really hard to do poorly unless you really kill it with too much sauce. The salad had a nice little vinegary dressing. This roll, which had a bit of spice to it was disappointing in that it wasn’t well rolled and each piece fell apart as soon as you picked it up. The tempura vegetables were okay, but a little on the mushy side. One nice touch with the Bento Box is that you can add a canned beverage for only $.99 cents

I also purchased a Wakame salad. I found it to be all right but not great. It lacked some of the brightness of others that I have tried.

Wakame Salad from Bento Sushi Express
Bento Sushi Express Wakame Salad

Comparing Bento Sushi Express to Sushi June, I think it’s a case of how much do you value quality over price. Sushi June produces a better quality product, but it is also more expensive on the whole. This is also reflected in the service. You will generally get your food a little quicker at Bento Express, Sushi June seems to put a little more time into the product they serve.

My first choice would be Sushi June, but Bento Sushi Express is not a bad choice if you find yourself in a hurry near Portage Place.

By Donald McKenzie

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