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Baraka Pita Bakery – North Main

I really enjoy Shawarma. I’ve tried several places in town. Both Falafel Queen and Best Meal on the food truck scene. As well Shawarma Khan, Sultan’s Shawarma, and Flatland Wrap. All this time, whenever the topic of Shawarma comes up, people always ask me if I have been to Baraka Pita on Main Street.
Well, until recently I hadn’t. Then, earlier this month Michael, a parishioner, batching it while his wife and son visited family out of town, invited me to join him there for supper. How could I possibly refuse such a kind offer. Leaving from Saint Philip’s, it seemed like a long ride down Main Street, possibly because neither of us had been there before. Despite that we managed to arrive without driving by the place.

Guava beverage that I chose to go along with my first meal.
Guava beverage that I chose to go along with my first meal.

Our arrival was after the supper rush was over, but the restaurant was still fairly busy. There was also a reasonably steady stream of traffic in and out as we ate our meal. We placed our order, Michael went for the Chicken Shawarma and I went for the Beef Donair. Michael also added a dozen of the Spinach Fatire.
Service is at the counter and is quick, friendly and efficient. We didn’t have to wait for very long at all for our orders to be ready. Both Michael and I are spice fans, so we asked for hot sauce on our orders. We also took a bottle of hot sauce to the table. I really like the hot sauce. I particularly like that it’s a thick sauce that doesn’t make the rest of the sauce on your meal extra runny.
With one bit it is easy to see why Baraka Pita has such a great reputation. For one thing the slices of beef in my Donair were much thicker than in any other Donair I’ve had. Plus, the beef was very moist and well seasoned.

Beef Donair from Baraka Pita.
Beef Donair from Baraka Pita.

Michael’s love of Shawarma developed when he lived in Ottawa, where Shawarma places abound compared to Winnipeg. He said that his chicken was also moist and agreed that this was the best Shawarma that he had tried in the city.
The Fatire were pleasant, but not particularly remarkable. Although that’s in comparison to the quality of the rest of the food, so they still rate fairly well.

A dozen Spinach Fatira
A dozen Spinach Fatire


Single fatira
Single fatire

Baraka Pita Shawarma Platter

Having enjoyed my first visit so much, I looked forward to my next visit. Being off between the week of Christmas and New Year’s I thought this would be a good week to do so. I went up on Tuesday, only to find that they were closed for the day. Fortunately, Pete’s Place is next door, so I paid it a first visit.
Not easily deterred, even by the City of Winnipeg’s habit of piling as much snow on sidewalks as possible, I returned this evening. This time around I went for the Chicken Shawarma Platter. I also added the soup. The soup is pleasant and I like the little crackers they serve with it, but with the amount of food on the platter it was almost too much. Almost.
The Chicken Shawarma Platter is very generous. It come with a house made pita that is superior to any that other restaurants sell. It’s light and pulls apart easily. The chicken is good and tender. The salads both the lettuce, tomato, etc, and the Tabouleh are great. The garlic sauce is smooth and the hummus has a nice coarseness to it. The rice is also well cooked and flavourful.The soup from Baraka Pita.

The pita at Baraka Pita is large, and the platter underneath is equally large.
The pita is large, and the platter underneath is equally large.

I noticed this time that the owners have built up quite a rapport with their clientele. With holiday greetings and inquiries about the well-being of family members being a recurring theme in customer interactions. If you live in the area, you should make regular visits to Baraka Pita. If you don’t live in the area you should find more reasons to visit. Although a meal at Baraka Pita is more than reason enough.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.