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Bar Burrito, Bayleaf Bistro, Kai Pho

Bar Burrito, Bayleaf Bistro, and Kai Pho are the three latest editions to the second floor food court at CityPlace. They are all recent replacements. Bar Burrito Fresh Mexican Grill replaced Little Bangkok Thai. Bayleaf Bistro replaced Shawarma Fusion, and Kai Pho replaced Meltwich. Both Little Bangkok Thai and Shawarma Fusion are covered under my Little Bangkok Thai link. I was so disappointed with Meltwich I didn’t even bother to keep the review when they closed.

Food Central Deira City Centre - Ne...
Food Central Deira City Centre - New Food Hall in DCC

The list in the title is alphabetical, but also reflects my preference.

Bar Burrito

Of the three restaurants this is the last one I tried. On my first time around I ordered the Chorizo bowl. Everything on the menu at Bar burrito is available as a burrito or as a bowl. I’m not a huge wrap fan, so I tend to go for the bowls.

Bar Burrito Chorizo bowl
Not exactly as pictured, but a tasty meal none the less.


Bar Burrito Guava drink
Guava flavoured Jarritos to drink.

The pictures at the kiosk show everything neatly placed into sections around the bowl. In reality, the layers of ingredients were just kind of dumped on each other. Despite that, the bowl was quite tasty. It also turned out to be a fairly substantial meal. To drink I chose a guava Jarritos.

When I went for my second trip I ordered a burrito. One of the things I like about the restaurant is that you can get your burritos in three different sizes. I went for the small, four inch burrito. I added french fries and a can of Coke to turn it into a combo.

Bar Burrito burrito
A 4 inch pulled pork burrito

My burrito is a pulled pork burrito. The pulled pork flavour came through quite well. The burrito also holds together quite well as you are eating it. You can get a good range of toppings to be included in your burrito, It’s sort of like Subway but for Burritos.

Bar Burrito Fries
The fries were hot and crispy.

The combo includes a good portion of fries. They came good and hot out of the fryer. The best part is that they were of a fairly uniform size, which left them all crispy. Bar Burrito is definitely a spot worth repeat visits. Also, it’s usually not very busy. I think that comes, in part, from being in the far corner of the food court. The extra steps are worth it.

Bay Leaf Bistro

Bay Leaf Bistro is another location offering a variety of wraps. Their cuisine is not so much fusion, as a series of Greek, Thai, and Caribbean dishes.

Bay Leaf Asian Chili Chicken
The Chili Chicken is the least favourite of the dishes from the three places.

On my first visit I ordered the Asian Chili Chicken. It is the least favourite of the dishes that I tried at the three outlets. The chicken itself didn’t have much chili to it, and the rice was dry with overcooked, mixed vegetables, which were obviously were cooked straight from frozen.

Bay Leaf
The curried lamb roti made up for the Asian Chili Chicken.

After the chicken dish, I was tempted not to go back to Bayleaf. However, I always try to give a place two chances, so in the end I returned. This time I ordered the curried lamb roti. This definitely makes up for the chicken. The roti is large. It contained a good portion of lamb, along with chickpeas.

The curry flavour is good and quite strong. I’m am glad that I get a knife and fork to eat this. It’s a little on the runny side and most would end on my shirt otherwise. This dish alone make a trip to Bayleaf Bistro worthwhile.

Kai Pho Vietnamese Street Food

Kai Pho Vietnamese Street Food is the third restaurant on this list. It’s the first one I visited. I don’t have any particular problem with this place. However, there is nothing particularly great about Kai Pho either. On my first visit, I ordered the Pho(no pictures). It’s good, but given the portions and quality you can get at other Vietnamese places, it’s nothing special

The same could be said about the Vermicelli pictured below. It’s OK but not worth making the trip for. This is particularly true, because you have Vinh Long in Winnipeg Square, or Pho Hoang just on the north side of Portage avenue.

Vermicelli Noodles
The Kai Pho Vermicelli Noodles. Alright, but nothing special.

By Donald McKenzie

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