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Bangkok Thai Restaurant – Osborne Village

You may notice a similarity between today’s post and my previous one.  After writing the Sukkothai post, I thought to myself, now would be a good time to do a post on Bangkok Thai. After all, they are only about three blocks away from each other.

Bangkok Thai Green Curry Soup
Bangkok Thai Green Curry Soup.
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2 days in Bangkok, Thailand - restaurants, temple, parties, boat trip, ..

Bangkok Thai restaurant  sits on the corner of River Avenue and Osborne street. It exists on the second floor of a mixed-use building. I went there many years ago. I think it is close to thirty years. At the time I never imagined that I would be writing about restaurants as a hobby this far down the road. 

After thirty years, I do not really remember the decor all that well. However, in the back of my mind it seems that it was very pleasantly decorated. What effect thirty years has had on the decor, I will have to wait until they are open for dine-in to find out. What I do remember clearly is that I went for the highest level of heat they offered, and I could not finish the meal the food was so hot. I think I have built up a tolerance since that time. 

Bangkok Thai for Green Curry Soup

My first delivery order consisted of Green Curry Soup. The heat scale Bangkok Thai now uses, at least on their delivery menu, offers heat on a scale of 1 to 5. I went with 5. I chose Green Curry Soup, because that is one of the items I chose from Sukkothai. My expectation is of an order that is very hot, and so I added a Mango Salad. Hoping that the sweetness of the mango might cut through some of the heat.

mango salad
A mango salad. Plenty of sweetness, with some sweet heat in the dressing.

The picture of the Green Curry soup leads off this page. If there is one thing I would give the Sukkothai version over the Bangkok Thai version, is that the green curry has a brighter green colour to it. This one is a little on the grey-green side. However, that is the only limiting factor on this soup. The vegetables are crispy. The chicken is moist and tender, and the spice is of the sort that cleans out your sinuses while firing up your tongue.

When it comes to the mango salad, there is sweetness, but not an overwhelming amount. The dressing also adds a little heat in with the sweet. I really like the softness of mango to go along with the crispness of the carrot, pepper, and celery. This is then topped off with the crunch of the nuts. 

Pad Thai, Lahp, and Spring Rolls

Yesterday, I ordered two dishes and a side order of spring rolls. Pad Thai is a very popular Thai dish, and so I ordered that. I also really like Lahp or Larb, this is a meat salad. There are greens and other vegetables in the salad, but the emphasis is on the meat.

Bangkok Thai Lahp
The Lahp salad from Bangkok Thai comes with the rice on the side.

I will start with the Lahp salad. This is easily my favourite dish from Bangkok Thai. One interesting thing I noted, is that while all the dishes were prepared at spice level 5, this one was definitely the hottest. The vegetables are good and fresh. I find the pork to be really moist. The rice that is part of the dish came in a side container. Rather than mixing it in, I ate it separately to help cool down my mouth.

Pad thai
A tasty Pad Thai.

Like the other dishes I have ordered from Bangkok Thai, the Pad Thai is very delicious. Although, i do have one quibble with it. the piece of lime they include is kind of small. This limited the amount of citrus boost given to the dish. the flavours are quite enjoyable. It is hot, but not as hot as the Lahp. One thing Bangkok Thai does that I like is that they offer these dishes with your choice of meat

When I ate the green curry soup, I added chicken. For the Lahp, which I have only ever had with ground beef, I opted for pork. Finally, for the Pad Thai I went with beef. Each choice of meat is well prepared, and I would happily order any of them again.

Bangkok Thai spring rolls
Crispy spring rolls with a meaty filling.

Summing Up

The spring rolls are good and crispy. I find the filling to be good and meaty. What I really like about them is that while they are crispy and meaty, they are not overly heavy. I look forward to visiting Bangkok Thai when I can dine in and linger over a very enjoyable meal.

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