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Baires Gelato & Cafe – Marion Street

A few months ago as I was wandering down Marion Street, I noticed a sign for a new cafe opening in the bottom of a condo complex. I made note and a few weeks ago  I paid my first visit to Baires Gelato & Cafe. I wasn’t in the mood for supper, but wanted a little something sweet to eat.
Being on the corner of the ground floor, the cafe has lots of window that give it a real bright feeling. There are several tables as well as about 8-10 counter seats along the Marion Street Wall.
The cafe offers a good selection of gelato, from Eva’s Gelato, along with a real good selection of sweets. On my first visit to Baires, I started off with an Americano to drink and had a piece of toffee cake to eat. From what I’ve learned some desserts are made in shop and some are brought in from places such as Goodies. I don’t know which category the toffee cake fell into but it was a real sweet treat. Rich and flavourful with a nice sponge to it.

My favourite item.
My favourite item at Baires.

The coffee and the hot chocolate were both rather ordinary. Their coffee beverages are made using a machine that dispenses a variety of beverages at the touch of a button or two. These machines are only ever going to give you an adequate drink.


In addition to my toffee cake I ordered a small dish of gelato. I ordered Lemon flavour. The  single scoop is a generous portion and the gelato itself is good and tart as you would want a lemon dish to be.

Refreshingly tat Lemon Gelato.
Refreshingly tart Lemon Gelato.

Back to Baires Gelato

Just yesterday, I managed to make it back for a second visit. Again it was late evening dessert time. This time I ordered a Chocolate Canolli and a piece of Apple-Cranberry Strudel.
The canolli was quite good. However, I really enjoyed the Apple-Cranberry Strudel. What I particularly appreciate about it is that the apples are tart and crisp. This plays off well against the sweetness of the rest of the filling.

A delightful dessert. Next time I might ask if they can warm it up.
A delightful dessert. Next time I might ask if they can warm it up.

The service here is very friendly. The young man serving yesterday seemed a lttlle over eager in his earnestness, but that may just because it was slow when I arrived.
Having said that, one of the reasons that it may be so slow is that it is very hard to find reference to Baires Gelato on the internet. I tried a variety of combinations as Google searches and eventually had to post in Manitoba Food Bloggers group on Facebook in an attempt to find the name online. While a restaurant doesn’t need to be tweeting or posting constantly, you have to let people know you exist. Baires Gelato may not get a foothold if they don’t start getting their name out.
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