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Bahn Ngon Vietnamese Restaurant – Sargent Avenue

Bahn Ngon is a new Vietnamese restaurant on the corner of Sargent Avenue and Agnes Street. You may wonder why anyone would want to start a new restaurant during a pandemic. Just remember, this is Winnipeg. We open ice cream shops in the dead of winter. A little pandemic will not get us down. Stay tuned for my review of Habesha, another new restaurant. Habesha is Ethiopian, and just down the way from me on Ellice Avenue. 

Bahn Ngon chicken leg
The Bahn Ngon Chicken and rice. Along with Egg cake.

Bahn Ngonis the second Vietnamese restaurant in a row that I’ve reviewed. Pho 5-Star, my previous review is focused on style along with their substance. Bahn Ngon is bare essentials in decor, with the focus on price along with their substance.

Bahn Ngon for Takeout

The restaurant is located at the opposite end of the same building that house Sargent Taco Shop. Being in the middle of the Corona virus pandemic, Bahn Ngon is only open for take out and pick up. There will likely be a few tables once occupancy limits increase.

Bahn Ngon Banh Mi
A tasty and satisfying grilled pork Bahn Mi

One thing to note about the restaurant is that while they sell a variety of Vietnames dishes, there is no Pho on the menu.

The prices here are really good. The first time I stop in I order a BBQ Pork Bahn Mi along with the BBQ Pork Vermicelli bowl. The Bahn Mi is $5.00 and the Vermicelli Bowl is $7.00

The vermicelli bowl is a great portion with lots of flavour.

Both of these dishes are really tasty. With the Bahn Mi, the crust is crispy and flaky. The interior being soft and chewy. The fillings are full of flavour, and makes for a satisfying lunch.

When I wrote about Pho 5-Star I commented that the Vermicelli bowl is a lit scant on vegetables. That’s not the case with this Vermicelli bowl. Lots of vegetables, and a good portion of fish sauce. On the whole this is a great dish.

Back for More

A couple of days after my first visit I’m back again. This time around I order the spring rolls, and the Chicken with rice. The chicken gave me a bit of a surprise as it came with what appears to be a slice of Vietnamese egg cake. I don’t know if this is the correct name, but it appears to be called Cha Trung. If you can see it in the picture at the top, and know it by a different by a different name, please let me know.

Spring Rolls
Crispy, meaty spring rolls. A really enjoyable finger food options.

The spring rolls are crispy and well fried. The filling is meaty with a rich flavour. The spring rolls are also available frozen in packs of thirty for $20. One of these days I think I will pick some up. Then I can pull out a couple  from the freezer, any time I am in the mood.

Bubble Tea

On my second visit I also ordered a Bubble Tea. Unfortunately, the blender gave up the ghost while my order was being blended. They refunded the price, and a couple of days later, I went back and got one. I went with Jackfruit with Lychee jelly. I prefer the Lychee jelly to the Tapioca bubbles. This is a tasty and refreshing beverage that fills you up a little.

Bahn Ngon Bubble Tea
Jackfruit flavoured Bubble Tea from Bahn Ngon.

Given the proximity to where I live. The quality of the food, and the prices, Bahn Ngon will be a place to visit, over and over. I highly recommend you stop in here, as soon as you get a chance.

Also, although I like the really low prices, they could in all fairness be charging more. Their food is that good.


By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.