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Aroma Bistro Asian Fusion Restaurant

Aroma Bistro is a new restaurant I came across while checking out the Let’s Order Delivery website. One of the things I noticed is that there are not a lot of restaurants offering citywide delivery. Aroma is one of the few on the list that does, and that I haven’t tried before.

Aroma Pork Udon
Pork Udon noodles with scrambled egg.

Aroma Delivery

Aroma Bistro does use the major online delivery services, but you can also order directly from their website. I chose to go with their in-house delivery option. 

I ordered Snow Beef Udon Soup and a small order of spring rolls. The food arrived on time, and hot. The spring rolls are a bit of a surprise as there are nine rolls in the small order. 

Spring rolls
This is the small order of spring rolls. It comes with 9 rolls in the package.

No surprise then, when I open the soup. The container containing the Udon noodles is full. Then I notice there is another container. This contains the broth to add to the soup.

Aroma Soup Broth
The broth to go along with the Snow Beef.

There is so much solid food in the container, I need to add the broth a half at a time. The soup is full of flavour, and the beef is good and tender with nice bits of fat throughout. I also ordered a bubble tea to drink. It was very refreshing, and arrived cold, even being put together with hot food.

Bubble Tea from Aroma restaurant
A refreshing Bubble Tea.

There is only one element of the Aroma delivery system that leaves me with mixed feelings. All of the dishes that came come in sealed containers with plastic wrap around them. I appreciate that none of the dishes spilled. On the other hand, it ends up as a lot of excess plastic being used. 

Oodles of Udon

I decided to give Aroma a second try a few days after the first. One thing I like is that they are delivering reasonably late in the evening. Once again I went with the Udon noodles. This time around I ordered the Aroma Pork Fried Udon. I added a bowl of wonton soup to go with it.

Aroma Wonton Soup
The cup sized portion of the wonton soup from Aroma. It is packed with 9 wontons, each with a good bit of sausage meat inside.

The cup size bowl of wonton soup comes with 9 wontons. If you are used to wonton soup that is primarily broth, this one will come as a pleasant surprise to you. The bowl is packed with wontons. Each one filled with a good pork filling. 

After ordering the Spicy Udon soup, with extra chili oil, the first time, the Pork Fried Udon Noodles made a nice contrast. There is a good pile of pork. Like the snow beef, the pork in this dish is moist and tender. Mixing the egg in adds some contrasting flavour and texture to the dish. Like the soup, this is a very large portion. Going with this and the large wonton soup would make a good dinner for two.

A nice side order of kimchi. Plenty of spice, and good and crispy.

I also ordered a side order of Kimchi. You could mix the Kimchi in with the Udon noodles, but I chose to eat it separately. A good, crispy, and spicy palate cleanser at the end of the meal

This time I did not order a beverage. Instead I enjoyed an Arrow Strong Beer from Trans Canada Brewing.

Summing up Aroma

Aroma delivers on the promise of Asian Fusion. This is one place where I like and recommend each of the dishes I tried. I hope to be able to visit this place in person when the restrictions have been lifted. Until then, Aroma is a good spot for pickup or delivery. 

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.