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Africa, India Pavilions – Folklorama Week 2

My first week ended with a visit to the South Sudanese pavilion. After taking a few days off at the end of Folklorama’s first week, I got back into visiting pavilions yesterday with the start of the second week. I found myself up around St. Philip’s so I decided to start out in the area. My first visits this week were to the Africa and the India pavilions.

African Pavililion Folklorama Llama encounter.
One can’t do Folklorama without getting a selfie with the Folklorama Llama.

Africa Pavilion:

Broadway Beat - Will Ferrell, '...
Broadway Beat - Will Ferrell, 'SHAOLIN', The Fantasticks & TOMMY

The Africa Pavilion is located in Holy Cross Gym. The gym gives lots of room for the food and show area. There is also a basement where the cultural display is. There’s also lots of room downstairs which makes it easy to go from one section of the cultural display to another.

Africa Pavilion Food

The Africa Pavilion features an interesting range of food. So far, I’d say that it is the food that I’m least familiar with. That’s one of the good parts of Folklorama thought, getting to try foods that I’ve never tried before. The most interesting item I tried is the Egusi and Fufu. The Egusi is best described as a stew made from among other things, beef, dried fish, melon seeds, dried bitter leaves, and scotch bonnet peppers. The Fufu, can either be yam or semolina. It is a sort of dumpling. It works really well to pick up the stew as you are eating it.

Africa Pavilion Egusi Stew
Egusi Stew. Meon seeds are the primary ingredient.
African Pavilion Fufu
Fufu, a starchy dish.

I also enjoyed the meat pie. This is a beef pie. Very similar to an empanada. The shell is very crunchy and the filling has plenty of beef in it.  Unfortunately something went wrong with camera and I didn’t get a proper photo of it. My beverage for the evening was the African Punch or cocktail. It’s essentially fruit punch with rum and other alcohol added to it. It’s also a drink you need to be careful with as you aren’t aware of the alcohol and could easily drink too much.

Folklorama African Cocktail
A harmless looking but rather potent African Cocktail.

I also picked up a package of Chin-Chin at the Africa pavilion. These little doughnut bites make a great snack when walking between pavilions

Bag of Chin-Chin from Africa Pavilion.
Chin-Chin is a tasty, little doughnut like snack.

Africa Pavilion Show;

As with most Folklorama pavilions dance is at the heart of the Africa pavilion’s show. Below is a video of the group that led off the performances. Their style is described as traditional with a touch of hip-hop.
This was a show that captures the dance and music of many parts of Africa. Before the show began there were a couple of songs to warm up the audience, and during the show their was a performance that combined dance, drumming, xylophone, and audience participation. All in all Africa pavilion will lift your spirits and send you out dancing into the evening.

India Pavilion:

From Africa I headed over to India. At Folklorama such a trip is a short walk rather than a plane ride. The India pavilion is located in The Heather Curling Club, On arrival, I was taken on a tour of the cultural areas by one of the youth ambassadors. She pointed out to me that India is divided into seven regions each with their own unique forms of dance.

India Pavilion Food:

I started my eating at the India Pavilion with a Samosa served alongside with chickpea curry. After the show was over I decided I wanted a little more, so I opted for a bit of a dessert choice. I tried the Gulab Jamun along with a Mango Lassi(milkshake).

Folklorama Galub Jammun Africa Pavilion
A sweet and sticky dessert to finish off my meal.
Spicy samosa and chickpea curry
The chick pea curry along with the samosa, have a nice spicy bite to them.
Folklorama Mango Lassi
Mango Lassi, A pleasant and refreshing beverage choice.

There are lots of other good options of the menu at the India Pavilion. The best part is that the food is catered by Charisma, so you can be guaranteed it will all be great.
The pavilion also features a large display put up by Dino’s foods. It’s worth stopping by if for no other reason than to observe the great variety of food products that are part of the Indian culinary landscape.

India Pavilion Show

The India Pavilion Show also focused on dance. Not surprisingly many of the dances reflect the influence of Bollywood. As with most Folklorama pavilions the show tends to focus on the younger dance groups. The video below features a dance performed by members of an adult dance company.
The India pavilion will a spicy kick to your Folklorama journey. There’s plenty of spicy food, colourful cultural artifacts, and joyful, energetic dance. Make a note to pay a visit.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.