About Donald Mckenzie – Anglican Priest

About Donald the Priest

A priest in the Diocese of Rupert’s Land.  Currently serving as  Priest at St. Philip’s Norwood Anglican Church.

About Dining With Donald

This blog is focused on Food.  It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.  I can be found on Twitter as @anglibubs.

I’m the youngest of six boys.  So, meal times were very much shared experiences.  The family dinner table was a place of learning.  One where we were taught to ask questions and not simply take everything for granted.

This was reinforced at festive occasions.  As a child, I don’t remember a Christmas, Thanksgiving or Easter, where our table wasn’t extended to include someone who would otherwise have been alone during that holiday.

As a priest it is my desire to spread the the welcome that is found in the Eucharist at the Lord’s Table to all the table settings in which the church community gathers

My dream is to create a seminary style course on eating together.  You can find this under the Common Eating heading.  The first post in the series is called Meals (Common Eating)

More on Donald

I am a fan of all sports.  Notably a Habs fan.  Brokenhearted Expos fan.  Blue Bomber fan.

I’m a member of the Manitoba Food Bloggers. I like to follow other food related blogs. So, leave me a link if you are a food blog author..