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A & W – Pembina @ Plaza

For several years I lived just off Pembina and McGillivray. At the time I was a member at St. Vital EMC located originally at St. Mary’s and Bishop Grandin, then at Burland School. Being on the other side of the river, bus travel was a little tricky at times. However, the 16 route or the Dart were available at Pembina Highway and Plaza Drive. Given that there is often a bit of wait between the two buses, the A & W located there was a convenient place for a quick meal while I waited to transfer.

A & W Root Beer
We’ll have a mug of root beer,or maybe two or three. Old A& W jingle.

A & W Burger Combo

A couple of weeks ago I found myself down that end of Pembina. I had some time to kill and was feeling a little peckish. As I got off the bus I noticed that the A & W was offering a Mama Burger combo for only $5.00. I figured even if it was pretty bad, I couldn’t go too far wrong at that price.
Turns out the Mama Burger is a pretty good tasting burger. The beef flavour comes through and the burger to bun ratio is pretty good too. I also appreciated that there was a good pile of onion on top.

Mama Burger from A & W
A & W Mama Burger

The fries were rather ordinary, and a little on the soggy side. The mini deep fryer basket they were served in is a pleasant little touch, but I’d prefer them to put there effort into making better fries.
Then of course there is the root beer served in a frosted mug. This isn’t a cosmetic touch, as the cold glass actually heightens the enjoyment of the root beer. At $5.00 this combo is a steal, and would be a good buy still even in it was 2-3 dollars more.


A few days later I was again somewhat in the area, and decided I would stop in again. This time is was before 11 am and so I decided to go for breakfast. I ordered a bacon and egger combo, with hash brown and coffee, again for $5.00.
The bacon and egger itself was quite cooked. The egg was well cooked, there was a decent amount of bacon, and the english muffin was well toasted and held it’s integrity as you ate. The hash brown, was OK. The patty was a little larger than some I’ve encountered.

A & W Bacon and Egger
Bacon and Egger.

The coffee is pretty much like any fast food place. Drinkable, but nothing special. However, I noticed that A & W is now in the practice of going around and offering refills(they may have been doing this for a while, I don’t regularly frequent A & W). This certainly adds value to an already good value breakfast.

A & W Coffee
Coffee comes with refills.

Whatever else you may want, if you are looking for a reasonably good, and cheap burger, you won’t go wrong with A & W.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.