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2022 Fried Chicken Fest is Here

Once again it’s time for Fried Chicken Fest. Like last year, the 2022 version will be affected by Covid lockdowns. That didn’t stop me from enjoying it last year, and it won’t stop me from enjoying it this year.

In 2021 I visited a dozen different places to tried their Fried Chicken offerings. You can read my posts from last year, here, here, and here.  For 2022, I hope to be able to increase the number of fried chicken dishes I try. 

Another thing I intend to do this year, is to try and visit places that I didn’t visit last year. I certainly have my favourite restaurants, but with the restaurant business as tight as it right now, I’d like to spread the love to some new places this year.

I’m leaving this post open for comments, So, if you have a Fried Chicken dish from the 2022 list you would like to recommend, please do. 

Opened Chicken burger
Showing the contents of the Island Boy Jerk Chicken burger.

The best way to find out what is going on for the 2022 edition of Fried Chicken Fest, is to head on over to their website.

My First Fried Chicken for 2022

I decided I wanted to see if I could get a jumpstart on this year’s event. It seems most places are either not offering their choice until today. However, I noticed local Vlogger Jazzdin Drason Eulalia had posted a video reviewing the Island Boy Jerk Chicken Burger from St. James Burger & Chip Co. I didn’t watch much of the video, so the opinion you’ll get hasn’t been influenced by anyone else. 

I placed the order through DoorDash. That was the only disappointing part of the experience, as the dasher took a long and convoluted route on the delivery.

As you can see from the picture just above, the burger and fries comes in a good, strong box. There is no danger of anything in the order falling through the bottom of the container.

2022 Burger bun
The buns for the sandwich come with branding built in.

I think the stamping of the business logo into the top of the brioche bun adds a nice, whimsical touch to this burger. 

When taking the photo of the burger, I really wanted to focus on the burger. As a result, it doesn’t show the absolutely enormous pile of fries that came with the order. I ate this burger at mid-afternoon and didn’t feel hungry the rest of the day.

As the burger is called Jerk Chicken, I’ll start with the burger itself. I really liked this burger. Jerk Chicken is something I can never get enough of. This burger has great seasoning. The Jerk flavour comes through strongly, and has a good bit of heat.

The rest of the burger is equally good. The bacon is thick, and while chewy, it has no greasy feel to it. Also, the ring of pineapple on the top of the burger gives a good bit of refreshment after the heat of the Jerk Chicken. The bun is good and soft, yet really holds together really well even with all the sauce and the coleslaw.

As my first Fried Chicken dish of 2022., Island Boy Jerk Chicken Burger has set the bar really high. Although, if last year is any indication, I’m going to run into many more surprises in 2022. 

If you get the chance, visit St. James Burger & Chip Co for the Island Boy Chicken Burger. It will be a great meal. Plus, there is an added bonus. One dollar from every burger will be going to End Homelessness Winnipeg, an organization that helps people living on the street. The Lunchroom program at Holy Trinity is one of the food opportunities that they tell people about


By Donald McKenzie

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