Fringe Fest 1

This is my review of the original production of Padre X. I really encourage you to go see this show if you can. It’s excellent.

Dining with Donald

Marc A. Moir is remounting Padre X at this year’s Winnipeg Fringe. This is the review I wrote of the original production.

During the first twenty-seven years of my life here in Winnipeg I likely attended three Fringe Festival plays in total.  Two years ago I went to three during one season and last year upped that total to five.  The increase was largely due to the number of plays that friends of mine were participating in, either as writers, actors, stage managers, etc.  This year I decided I would get the frequent fringer pass which allows me to see 10 plays for $69, a substantial savings over 10 individual plays.  Plus, since the festival runs over the best part of 2 weeks, there is no need to rush and get to see all 10 plays right away.

That said, I went to two plays Thursday night, both with religious…

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