Vicky’s Diner – Albert Street

Not long ago I reviewed the new location of the White Star Diner. I noticed that the old Albert Street location had been filled by a new restaurant signed as Vicky’s.

Vicky's diner sign
The sign above the doorway at Vicky’s Diner.

I heard that it was a new burger type joint, but let it pass. Now, with Fringe Fest starting tomorrow, I thought it would be a good time to check it out in advance of the festival.

On Monday I paid my first visit. I was in the mood for a good lunch and decided that I would order the Vicky’s Favourite Burger, Onion Rings, and Fries with Gravy for my meal. To this I added a can of Coke for a beverage.

Vicky's Diner onion rings
Vicky’s Diner box of onion rings.

There are a variety of burgers listed on the menu, but the Vicky’s Favourite is clearly the best value. It’s the same as going to Mrs. Mike’s. You could order other burgers, but you really want to order the King Burger there. The Favourite comes with all the fixings. The two patties are generously sized and good and beefy. The one thing I found I didn’t particularly enjoy about the burger was that the patty was a little oversalted. Otherwise this is a really great burger. The fries are well cooked and the gravy is a good, rich, brown gravy. The onion rings are really crispy and maintained that crispiness even as they started to cool down.

Vicky's Diner Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

The one thing with the sides is that the portions are huge. I ate all the onion rings, and a portion of the fries, but I had to take most of the fries with me when I left. These are the kind of sides where two people could each order a burger/sandwich each, split one of the sides and have a satisfying lunch.

Vicky's Fries and Gravy
The fries and gravy. The gravy covers the fries really well.
Vicky's Favourite Burger
You get a good view of all the burger toppings here. The two patties are underneath, but they are there and substantial

The one thing that’s out of line the other way price wise is $2.50 for a can of Coke, $3.00 for bottled water. That’s too high.

Vicky’s Diner Return Lunch

There aren’t a lot of seats at Vicky’s. The a counter with four or five stools, and a two tables with a couple of chairs each out on the sidewalk. The biggest difference between the White Star and Vicky’s is that they have neatened and painted the place and it looks a whole lot better.

Monday, while I was sitting out enjoying my lunch, another patron came out and commented on my burger. He mentioned that he had tried the Chicken Pita and really enjoyed it. So, when I went back Tuesday, I decided that would be my choice for my meal. I also ran into Cory Boehm on Tuesday, who was enjoying his lunch at Vicky’s.

I don’t have a picture, but much like the Favourite burger, the Chicken Pita contains lots of topping, and a good pile of chicken. The chicken is well seasoned and quite tender.

This time around I took things like and only added a Strawberry Shake to my meal. I really liked the shake. It had good Strawberry flavour to it. Most importantly it was good and thick and held it’s thickness even though it was quite warm outside.

Vicky's Diner Milkshake.
Rich and thick strawberry milkshake from Vicky’s Diner.

There’s no Pulled Pork on the menu, but other than that a visit to VIcky’s and you won’t be lamenting the White Star Diner’s move at all. Service is very friendly and efficient. Things are done from scratch, so you may have a bit of a wait, but it’s worth it.

If you’re planning on being down in the Exchange during Fringe make sure to pay a visit to Vicky’s. Go with a friend and enjoy a good, satisfying meal.


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  1. I have been there a few times. One thing I have noticed is the Vikcy’s Favourite Burger is priced in a way that it is comparitvely cheaper than the other burgers especially if you want to add anything to them such as bacon or a second patty.

    The other thing that is somewhat different at Vicky’s is they will tell you that the fries are not salted. When you have gravy or other toppings added that could be less noticable. That said I haven’t noticed the burger being salty so perhaps that was a production error resulting in it getting salted twice.

    The milkshake and poutine are definitely on my list of things to try but with how good Vicky’s Favourite Burger is it’s hard to make that change.

    Definitely some competition for White Star if you find yourself between the two and wanting a burger.

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