Fools, Horses, Forks

I’ve made no bones that I’m a big fan of Fools and Horses. As it happens I’m sitting in their Broadway location as I’m writing this post. I probably write about 80 percent of my blog posts at this location. It’s a home away from home. Filled with great beverages and run by great people.

So, I was quite happy when I found out that they were opening a new location at The Forks. There are a lot of things that are the same at both locations and some things that are different.


Fools, Horses, Forks
Fools, Horses Feature menu at The Forks

Same but Different

Let’s start off with the things that are the same. The first big things that is the same is the staff. Yes there are some new people who haven’t worked at the Broadway location, but several of the staff from there have moved over and they’ve trained the new staff. That means the new location operates to the same very high standard of service. There are a few glitches that have to be worked out with The Forks set-up, but some of that has to do with The Forks itself.

Fools Americano
Fools Iced Americano from The Forks location.

The second thing that’s the same is that the coffee is just as great. The new location also employs Modbar technology ensuring a great cup of coffee every time. Many of the snacks that are available at Broadway are also available at The Forks. Bronuts Doughnuts are the main snack feature.

Forks, Fools, Horses Paraphernalia
Fools and Horses Coffee Paraphernalia at their Forks location.

On the difference area the biggest difference is that there is no dedicated seating area. Located at the west end of the middle section of The Forks Market, there is lots of seating, but none that leaves you feeling that you are in a coffee shop. However, if you go early in the morning, the area is generally empty, so you can still sit and enjoy a quite cup of coffee.

Bronuts doughnuts
A selection of doughnuts from Bronuts.

The main menu difference is that beer and wine is not available. Although they do offer a spiked coffee and a spiked tea.  Also, they aren’t serving sandwiches and toast. However all of these things are available from the many other food locations situated in the market.

The new Fools and Horses really ups the coffee game for The Forks. I really like the fact that I now have two Fools and Horses locations to choose from. Both are on my way to work. This way I can get a great cup of coffee, coming or going.



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