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PegCity Poutinerie is the newest tenant in the CityPlace food court. This is the third new restaurant to open their in the last few months. The first two were, in my books, a hit, (Za Pizza), and more of a miss, Meltwich. PegCity Poutinerie definitely falls into the hit category.

Loaded Bacon Poutine from PegCity Poutiinerie. It certainly lives up to it’s name.

It also got me thinking, why aren’t there more one off local places in food courts? Perhaps people only want the familiar, but it seems to me that a food court would be great for a single operation, limited menu restaurants. Sort of like crossing a food truck with a bricks and mortar location.

Anyways, my mind is beginning to wander. One of the hazards of advancing age, I guess. On to the topic at hand. Trying out PegCity Poutinerie.

Poutine with Bacon:

One thing I’m never sure about when ordering food in takeaway containers, is does the meal match the box. So, on my first visit I decided I would order the large size poutine. My choice was the loaded bacon poutine, because, well, bacon. This order lived up to it’s name on both accounts. The container was stuffed full, and there was a good pile of bacon served with the poutine. There was also plenty of cheese curds and lots of gravy. This took almost all my gastronomic will power to be able to finish.

Fries as a Snack

The second time I went in I simply ordered a small fries with gravy. Again, the container was stuffed full, and there was lots of gravy. The gravy itself is a good, strong, old-fashioned brown gravy.

PegCity Poutinerie Fries and gravy
Fires and Gravy, a tasty treat.

Chili Cheese Dog and Butter Chicken Poutine

Having tried the large and small sizes on my most recent visit I went with a medium size poutine (just call me Greyilocks). This time I decided I’d give a try to one of their Chili-Cheese dogs as well.

First the Chili Cheese Dog. The dog itself had been sliced lengthwise before cooking thereby giving it a nice, even, and full cook. The chili is mild, but there is good portion along with a decent portion of cheese. The bun is up to the task of holding all this, but it is still a little on the sloppy side if you like your chili dog that way.

The Chili Cheese Dog.

For my poutine I went with the Butter Chicken poutine. I quite liked this. The one thing I liked most is that they simply allowed the Butter Chicken sauce to be the gravy and didn’t try and mix it with any other kind of gravy. The flavour was rich if a little bit mild for a butter chicken, and there were bits of chicken throughout the dish.

Butter Chicken Poutine from PegCity Poutinerie
PegCity Poutineries Butter Chicken Poutine.

My last visit was the first time I had been there when they were busy. There were a couple of mix-ups in the line, including with my order, but they corrected as quickly as possible and offered a sincere apology for the delay(I was served out of order, but it only added a couple of minutes to my wait). On the whole the staff is well-informed, friendly, and process the orders quite quickly. I’m sure they will get the kinks worked out over time, as good customer service seems to be a priority.

Peg City Poutinerie Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



  1. Tried Peg City Poutine myself last night. I had the Philly Cheesesteak Poutine.

    In terms of the fries and gravy side of things they hit them both well which other places specializing in poutines overlook all too often to focus on the fancy toppings. I knew going in it used a processed nacho style cheese instead of cheese curds and was willing to accept that compromise.

    In terms of the portion, it was a good size but as they had steady customers it wasn’t close to overflowing and would seem to have been a little short compared to your pictures seeming to suggest there is still some variance in their portion sizing.

    The one thing I think may have happened is I couldn’t tell if I had the meat listed in the menu item but that would just be a learning curve thing.

    One thing I have seen comments on elsewhere is the menu doesn’t have prices on most of the items so it is a bit of a guess. I did notice that the classic poutine was listed with a price and the other choices seemed to be a small up charge at least based on what I was charged.

    In terms of the local aspect CityPlace has five locals out of 11 places with one vacant. In addition to PegCity, Za, the sushi, Indian and Thai are all locals. Winnipeg Square food court is also mostly locals and the new food hall at The Forks seems to be trying to blend the food truck idea with a food court.

    My impression of PegCity Poutine is that it definitely hits the market and will give the downtown staple a run for the title of best lunchtime poutine once White Star opens at their new location Kennedy.

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    • Thanks for the comment. I believe the prices for each type of poutine, classic, deluxe or whatever their terms are are listed in a single row above each of the sections.

      They also received a bit of social press on Thursday, so they might have been a little overwhelmed and unprepared. Prior to today, they hadn’t been all that busy when I went by.


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