Joy’s Tea – Westminster Avenue

In my last post on Verde Juice Bar, I mentioned that I ended up there because Joy’s Tea happened to be closed the day I intended to visit. Joy’s Tea has been open since December. I was their first paying customer the day of their soft opening.

Cutlery Coat Rack at Joy’s Tea.

One of the things that struck me when I walked in was the spare decor of the place. I also really like the fact that they have a couple of touches that separate them from other restaurants/coffee shops. The first is the coat rack that uses cutlery for it’s hooks. The second is a couple of cabinets that look like medical cabinets that you would see in TV shows depicting turn of the 20th century hospitals.

Opening Visits:

Joy's Tea Macaron
Blueberry Macaron

Normally I write a review after a couple of visits, but this time I ended up visiting four times. The main reason for this, is that Joy’s Tea has been taking a low-key and casual approach to their business, and so items such as baked goods, etc . have been appearing over a period of time. On my first visit they were offering complimentary Macarons along with your tea order. I enjoyed a good, chewy blueberry flavoured one.

My second visit there was nothing in the pastry case, so I simply enjoyed a cup of tea. There is a good variety of teas available. A mixture, of black, green and herbal that leaves you with plenty of options.

Tea for inside at Joy’s Tea.

Joy’s Tea and Goodies

On my third trip in I noticed a big sign in the window declaring that Joy’s Tea was now carrying chocolates from Chocolatier Constance Popp. These chocolates come in a variety of sizes and choices. As it was around Valentine’s Day, the small box of chocolates I chose contained a number of chocolate hearts. These make for an enjoyable accompaniment but your mug of tea.

Chocolates are boxed up and decorated.
Hearts scattered around.

On my most recent visit there were baked goods available for the first time. It happened that I got the last one before they sold out. It was an Early Grey and Cardamom jam cookie which Joy’s Tea brings in from Pinky’s Bakeshop. This was a delightful little cookie, and I look forward to trying more of Pinky’s product as time goes by.

Pinky's Bakeshop cookie at Joy's Tea.
Earl Grey and Cardamom Cookie from Pinky’s Bakeshop.

One thing that has been consistent in all of my visits is the friendliness of the staff. The owners have done very well in their hiring, and it’s a pleasure to be served here.

Joy's Tea to go cup.
Tea to go from Joy’s Tea.

I only have one real quibble with Joy’s Tea. That is that it would be nice if they invested in a few more brewing teapots, and then were able to offer hot water refills on your mug of tea. Otherwise Joy’s Tea makes for a nice relaxed place to enjoy a cup of tea. It’s a good place to sit and read while you enjoy your beverage or to spend some time with friends.

Joy's Tea Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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