Rodos Greek-French Eatery

I find my schedule takes me in and through downtown on a regular basis. This means I can often make short detours on my trips to visit various restaurants in the area. The last couple of weeks I took the time and paid a couple of visits to Rodo’s French and Greek Eatery In Winnipeg Square.

Rodo's baklava
Rodo’s offers a substantial piece of baklava, full of flavour.

Winnipeg Square is one of those places that is slightly off my track, but doesn’t add to much time to my trips. I’d say that Winnipeg Square might have the best food court in Winnipeg. 

Rodo’s French

My first visit to Rodo’s I decided to try something off of the French part of the menu. They offer a good price on the Quiche Lorraine with a side salad. The portion size on the quiche is quite large. It’s a full quarter of an 8″ inch pie. The ham is a little scarce, but there are bits throughout the slice. The pie is well cooked, with homemade pastry. I added the Greek Salad on the side. There’s plenty of the various salad components including 3 or 4 olives.

Quiche Lorraine at Rodo's
Rodo’s serves up a generous portion of quiche.

I also went Greek for dessert. Rodo’s serves up a really good slice of Baklava. For starters it’s almost twice the size and about two-thirds of the price of any Baklava that I’ve had around town. The pastry is nice and flaky. The kind that explodes when you stick a fork into it. The filling itself is about an inch and a half thick and the cinnamon pairs nicely with the nuts to give a good flavour. I only wish that I had asked if I could get it tossed into a microwave for about 10-15 seconds.

Greek at Rodo’s

One of the good points of Rodo’s is that they have a good variety of specials which means you can always get a good meal for around $10.00. The second time I visited I ordered a combination plate of Spanikopita and Tiropita. Again the flavours are good, and the pastry is flaky.

Rodo's Spanakopita.
Spanakopita and Tiropita at Rodo’s Greek & French Eatery.

I was happy with the Greek Salad on my previous visit, and chose the same again this time.

Rodos salad
Rodos salad

Service at Rodo’s is friendly and efficient. The food arrived in timely manner, although I gather some dishes, because they are homemade might be a minute or two longer. Rodo’s is a great value, and definitely a place that I will be stopping by again, when I’m in Winnipeg Square.



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