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About a week and a half ago I wrote about build your own pizzas. Today I’m writing about Melt”wich” Food Co, which could best be described as build your own grilled cheese sandwich. It appears that the Subway model is taking over the food courts of the world. Perhaps it’s a nefarious ploy to get us to eat more vegetables. Whatever the reason I think a trend is emerging.

Melt"wich" grilled cheese
Basic Melt”wich” grilled cheese with all the toppings.

Melt”wich” Lunch:

My first visit was the day after the place opened. It was clear that the staff will need more time and training before the place begins to run smoothly. I asked what a combo was and if there was a combo deal was. None of the people working knew, and there was no manager around to ask.

Nonetheless I ordered the Pulled Pork Hog Heaven. along with a soup for a side, and a soft drink. Apparently the soup is not part of the combo even though it’s the same size and price as the other sides.

Melt"wich" Hog Heaven
Hog Heaven Sandwich from Melt”wich”

The sandwich was quite good. The pork was tender and mixed well with the cheese. The soup was also quite good, although as a 4oz portion, there isn’t much there. The drinks come in compostable cups which is good. The portions though, are only 12 oz. My bill for the meal came to over $16.00 just for those three items.

Melt"wich Soup.
Melt”wich” Soup.

Melt”wich” Supper

A few days later, I went back to give Melt”wich” another try. This time the manager was on duty, so I got the proper combo price. However, when you choose toppings they have to enter them electronically, and my request for a little bit of everything was met with a “that’s a lot of toppings.”(though no more than any Subway). If entering toppings is too much work, perhaps Melt”wich” needs a new system.

This time I went with mac n cheese as a side and ginger ale for a beverage. The mac n cheese was very disappointing. Not only was the container about 2/3s full, the macaroni was mushy and the cheese was virtually tasteless.

Also, although the sandwich was reasonably good, I don’t find the piling vegetables on top really adds anything to the overall experience. I much preferred my first sandwich where I only had the pulled pork along with the cheese.

Melt"wich" Mac N Cheese
A very disappointing Mac n Cheese.

Despite the editorializing on my toppings choices, the service here is friendly and quite quick. However, on the whole, other than Timmy’s or Mickey D’s this is the last place I would choose to visit at CityPlace.

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