J Curry – Japanese Food Truck

Yesterday marked the beginning of ManyFest. The highlight of ManyFest is the Food Trucks war. I’ll be writing more on the trucks I tried in the next few days. One truck I didn’t see was J Curry. J Curry, short for Japanese Curry, is a new truck that is out on the streets in the last few weeks. I first encountered this truck when it parked at the MB Hydro Farmers Market.

J Curry Beverages
Japanese beverages on offer at J Curry.

Then it seemed to disappear off the streets. Fortunately I took a wander down Provencher last Friday. It turns out that one of the places J Curry has been is at the Provencher Farmers Market. Without further ado, here’s my thoughts.


The prices here are pretty good. It’s $8.50 for vegetarian curry and $9.00 for the Chicken version. The sizes are also quite good. Although, I think I’d rather pay a little more and get a little more of the substance to go with the curry. The Edamame at $2.50 is a good portion. 4/5


The two curries and the edamame are the only food items on the menu. Both of the curries makes equally good choices. 3.5/5


This is really good curry. The curry is fairly thick, and the sticky rice is great for scooping it up. There is a nice touch of heat to it. I liked the variety of vegetables that come with the veggie curry. The edamame was a little on the bland side. It could use a little more salt.  4.5/5

J Curry curry
The curries from J Curry come with some really good heat.


The curry and the edamame both come in re-closeable containers. These containers are also bio-degradable. 5/5

J Curry Edamame
Edamame from J Curry


The service is friendly. I also received my order in good time. 4.5/5

J Curry Overall:

I like this truck. The flavours are good. Keep your eyes open for this truck. If you get the chance visit the truck at the Provencher Market before it closes for the season. 4/5



  1. Hi Donald,

    Thank you so much for your review! This definitely means a lot to us. We truly appreciate a great review coming from someone with a lot of knowledge from various food experiences! As a new food truck on the street, it’s hard to receive this type of feedback from many people.

    So thank you again and we hope to see you again soon!

    Best regards,


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