Breakfast Club Food Truck

My last food truck post was about Little Truck on the Prairie. That truck has usually been on Carlton just off Broadway. Nearby is another recent addition to the Broadway scene PVG’s Breakfast Club. The truck is decorated with a picture of the cast of the John Hughes movie The Breakfast Club. The PVG is for the initials of the owner Paul VanGinkel.

I’m going to state right off the top that this is one of the more disappointing food trucks that I have visited. After two trips I was still undecided, so I made a third trip before writing.

Breakfast club side view.
Side view of the Breakfast Club truck.


This is the strongest point in favour of the truck. The sandwiches are well filled, and the price points are good as well. If you order the side of cactus fries for an extra $2.00 you’ll get yourself a filling breakfast or lunch. Other water the truck only offers power drinks and vitamin waters, but the prices on those are quite reasonable as well. 4.5/5

Breakfast Club menu
The Breakfast Club menu. There’s often a secondary special menu as well.


There are several sandwiches available, as well the truck occasionally has daily specials on offer. Again, I find the beverage choices odd, but that just may be a sign that I am getting old. 4/5


Here is where I found myself most disappointed. On my first trip I ordered the PVG. A mix of Bacon, Creamy Brie, and Peaches should deliver a dynamic flavour experience. Yet the flavours didn’t blend. I wished the peaches had been caramelized, and the bacon crispy to provide some contrasts. The next time I tried the Canadian, and the combinations worked much better. So I had one disappointing and one good experience.

Breakfast Club sandwich
The PVG with fries.
Breakfast Club Canadian
The Canadian from The Breakfast Club

I decided to try once more and went back for the poutine. Unfortunately this was another disappointment. I’ll state right off, I’m not a poutine purist. So, I don’t disagree with the idea of hollandaise sauce instead of gravy. However, their should be lots of it. The potatoes should be swimming in whatever sauce/gravy there is. Here, there were just a few slashes of hollandaise over the top, leaving the poutine dry, and the cheese unable to melt. The cactus chips, being thin, were also a little overcooked and dry. 2/5

Poutine at the Breakfast Club
Breakfast Club Poutine.


The food all comes in trays that are large enough to hold everything, but open and exposed to the elements.  4/5


Paul, the owner, and his staff are friendly and efficient. There were never large crowds when I went, but the food came out quickly. 4/5

PVG’s Breakfast Club Overall.

As I’ve said in the past, not all categories are weighted equal in my ratings. Quality makes up a much larger portion of a rating than portability or selection, for example. There are a lot of good things about this truck, but my experience of the food is such that I won’t be rushing back. 3/5





  1. Absolutely terrible. Had the bbp with poutine and was completely disappointed. This was at many fest on Broadway food truck wars.
    Where you can only vote for the best food truck and nothing else so that’s my rant don’t eat at pvg’s breakfast club unless you feel like over paying for some of the worst breakfast in wpg.


  2. The first few visits to this truck were great. Absolutely loved their French toast sandwiches. But their menu is a bit confusing. But even up to lately I’ve been able to get the French toast sandwich even though the menu says nothing about it. Well just today I got a plain old hamburger. A good burger but not at all what I was expecting. And I explicitly asked the lady behind the counter if it were French toast and she said yes. So until they clear up the confusing items on their menu I think I’ll avoid any future disappointments with them.


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