Simon’s Cuisine – Forks Market

The Forks is the middle of an upgrade to their food court. My first chance to try any of the changes was visiting Simon’s Cuisine. Simon’s was originally located on St. Mary’s Road and had recently shut that location down. I had had heard many good things about the restaurant, but never seemed to be by their when they were open. I was very pleased to find out that they had reopened in The Forks. Argentinean cuisine is the order of the day at this restaurant, and they prepare it very well.

Simon's Cuisine sign
Simon’s Cuisine sign

Along with Simon’s The Fork’s has added Fusian Sushi, and the Common craft beer and wine stall. This makes for a more upscale food court. A nice change of pace when dining out there.

Simon’s Lunch:

My first visit to Simon’s I decided to try a  couple of à la carte items for my lunch. I chose a Spicy Beef Empanada, and then added a large order of Fries Provençal. The empanadas here are a fair bit smaller than the one’s at Chilean Corner, and also a little cheaper. However, the quality is superior. The shell was crunchy and light, and the Spicy Beef filling was very good, without any fatty or greasy feeling to it. The Fries Provençal were hot, crispy and the combination of herbes Provençal and bits of garlic make for a great alternative to regularly seasoned chips. You might want to make sure you have some gum with you if you are meeting someone after enjoying the fries though, because the garlic certainly makes itself known.

baked-empanada empanada-filling fries-provencalReturn for Dinner:

I enjoyed my lunch so much that I returned later that evening for dinner. This time I went with one of the dinner options choosing the quarter boneless chicken. This is one item where you will notice the difference in price vs quantity compared to a lot of other kiosks at the fork. That said, the chicken was delicious. I wrote a few months back that the chicken I had eaten at Peasant Cookery was the best I had ever had. While not up to that level, the Pollo Deshuesado featured an extremely well seasoned, moist and tender chicken breast. This is one first rate chicken dinner.

chicken-dinner hibiscusFor a beverage I chose an hibiscus flavoured Yerbe Mate drink. This was quite refreshing, with the hibiscus adding a delicate flavour to the fizzy drink. Simon’s is definitely going to be a place that I return to regularly when I visit The Forks. One reason to go back will be the Argentinean desserts which I haven’t tried yet.
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  1. Donald I had been wanting to try Simon when it was on St Marys but never got around to it but I will try this out at the Forks


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