Olybees Kitchen Food Truck

As the food truck culture takes deeper roots in Winnipeg each new spring brings new trucks to the streets. Best Meal was the first new truck I saw this year, and shortly after that I notice Olybees Kitchen out on the street. You’ll find Olybees Kitchen parked on Hargrave Street, just a little north of Broadway.

Olybee's orange truck.
Olybee’s Kitchen is a bright orange truck, and that makes it easy to find when you are looking for it.

There are two things about this truck that are really worth noting. The first is that along with burgers, they serve a selection of other types of sandwiches. The second is that they offer a selection of breakfast sandwiches. This means that you will find them out and open on the street quite a bit earlier than the rest of the trucks.

I first spotted Olybees Kitchen a couple of days after they hit the street. After my first visit I showed up a couple of days later and noticed the truck wasn’t there. I waited a couple of more days and contacted them on Twitter to find out what had happened. It turned out the owner had injured his foot and was out of action for a few days as a result. Once they hit the street again I returned for another visit. So here goes.


The portion sizes here are very generous. The breakfast sandwich is particularly so. Unlike the the fast food variety served on an English Muffin, these are served on a large hamburger roll. At $4.50 you feel like you’ve had breakfast. I had the Cubano for lunch at at $9.00 it came loaded with plenty of roast pork and lots of toppings. Fries and drinks are well priced too. 4.25

Olybee's lunch menu
The sign containing Olybee’s lunch menu.


I would rate the selection here as pretty good. As they have a breakfast as well as a lunch menu you can visit the truck at different times of the day to try different sandwiches. It is also one of the few trucks to offer coffee. 4/5

Olybee's breakfast menu
The breakfast menu for Olybee’s Kitchen


The ingredients aren’t particularly high end, but they are fresh and homemade. The ham in the breakfast sandwich is baked. For the Cubano, it was roast pork, which either came from the butt or shoulder, and so it had a nice bit of fattiness to it. The citrus mayo with the Cubano was really excellent. The coffee I had with my breakfast sandwich was strong and dark, a little too dark for my liking. Though I think that’s because Fools and Horses Americanos have spoiled me for much else when it comes to coffee.  4.5/5

Olybee's Cubano
The Cubano is made from fresh ingredients, including ham cut off the bone. This makes for a very tasty lunch option.
Olybee's fries
Olybee’s offers a good sized portion of fries.


This is the one area where there is a little bit of a letdown. The sandwiches come wrapped in foil, but they tend to be quite sloppy which means you have to sit down to eat them, because the foil won’t catch all the dripping liquids. 3.5/5

Olybee's Swiss, Ham, and Egg
Don’t let the lettuce covering fool you. The Swiss cheese, ham and egg all shine through in this dish.


This is another area where Olybees Kitchen excels. On both visits the service, was quick and friendly.  5/5

Olybee's strong coffee.
The Coffee at Olybee’s is good and strong if you need help waking up in the morning.

Olybees Kitchen Overall

Still new to the street, Olybees Kitchen is a truck you want to make sure you visit during the coming summer months. They serve both breakfast and lunch, and either makes a great time to visit. 4.25/5
Olybee's Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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