Don Restaurant – Donald Street

Known properly as The Don Restaurant, this place was one I visited, generally for takeout, when I worked at L.C. Taylor and Company as it’s just across Broadway and down Donald a little. I didn’t visit because of the name, because I dislike being called Don and much prefer Donald as you might guess from the blog title.

The Don bottomless coffee

There’s always bottomless cups of coffee on offer at The Don

Anyways, mini rant aside. it’s been a couple of years or so since I last visited. I decided I would give The Don a try for both lunch and breakfast. The Don is also divided into different dining areas. The south end of the restaurant has a more open area with a patio off of it, while the north side of the restaurant has a combination of open tables and booths which allow for a little more privacy. This section has been a good meeting area for lunches with employers and fellow priests over the years.

Don Restaurant at Lunchtime

I entered the restaurant towards the end of the lunch rush, but in the south portion, most of the tables were still full. There was though a spot for me, and so I sat down and took a look at the menu. The menu is rather large, so it can be a bit of a challenge deciding what to have.

I know the owners have Mennonite connections, so I ended up going with Kjielke, a popular noodle dish. For the side of choice I went for the Southwestern Soup. I liked the soup, but felt that despite the southwestern seasoning there were more carrots than necessary. This was also true of the vegetables that came with the Kjielke. Lots of carrots and celery, but would have benefited from just a touch of red pepper or broccoli to change the colour and texture.

The Don Kjielke

The noodles and sauce for the Kjielke were both quite good.

The Don Southwestern Soup

The Don Southwestern Soup has good seasoning but too many carrots.

A couple of days later, I went back for breakfast. While the lunch is good, I think breakfast makes the best choice at The Don. Another things I like about this restaurant is that they offer Farmer’s Sausage with many of their dishes. So, for breakfast I chose the Hash Supreme with the Farmer’s Sausage. This dish came with grilled vegetable on top of the hash browns. In this case there was a greater variety that made the dish that more appealing.

The Don Hash Supreme

The Hash Supreme is a great breakfast choice at The Don

One little extra is that the restaurant provides a variety of jam options, even if only of the plastic packaged variety. I’m a marmalade fan, so I was pleased that marmalade was an option.

The Don marmalade.

I really enjoy marmalade on my toast

For beverage I went with tea. This led to my one major disappointment with my meals. The tea came with water in the pot and the bag on the side. I know everyone has their own preferences, but for me the tea bag should be put in the pot, the water added, and the beverage immediately brought to the table.

The Don tea service.

Bag in pot, then water.

That however was my only service objection. On the whole, the staff was quick and friendly and made sure the coffee and water was filled during the course of the meal. The Don makes a good place to visit, especially for breakfast.

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