Oh Doughnuts – Broadway

My walk to work just got more fattening. Oh Doughnuts has just opened up on Broadway. This is the opening I’ve been waiting for ever since owner Amanda Kinden decided to move from supplying coffee shops with doughnuts and open her own storefront location. I’ve been a fan of Oh Doughnuts ever since I first tried them at Parlour Coffee.

Oh Doughnuts Bag

The Oh Doughnuts take out bag.

The opening of Oh Doughnuts brings the total of specialty doughnut shops in Winnipeg to two. I enjoy Bronuts, but I was looking forward to once again being able to eat doughnuts from Oh Doughnuts.

Get Your Oh Doughnuts while you can

I had seen the tweet that the shop would be opening on the 9th of May. However, for some reason my mind translated that as opening Tuesday. So, when I happen to wander by on Monday, I was a little surprised to see they were already open. This was later in the morning. When I went in it was clear that they had been busy, because they were almost out of stock. One of the choices that was available was a Grapefruit Curd. Grapefruit is one of my favourite flavours. I ordered one of them and a coffee to drink with it.

Oh Doughnuts Grapefruit Curd

Grapefruit Curd Doughnut.

Two things I noticed on that first visit. One, While there was coffee and bottled beverages available, Oh Doughnuts is focusing on the doughnuts. That’s a good sign. Plus, the coffee itself was quite good. The other thing is that while there were only two types of doughnuts available when I arrived, Amanda was still in the back baking more to put on the shelves.

Oh Doughnuts Coffee

There is no specialty coffee, but the regular coffee is still good.

I went back this morning to pick up a couple of more doughnuts. This time I got the doughnuts before heading down to Fool’s and Horses for an Americano. These two make a great combo. Plus, they also share many of the same social concerns and desire to make their business eco-friendly.

Oh Doughnuts offers three types of doughnuts. Regular at $3.00 each, Specialty at $4.00 each, and CrOHnuts at $5.00 each. The CrOHnuts weren’t out either time I went. This time I ordered a regular Coconut Cream and a Specialty Maple Whiskey Glazed.

The Cocunut Cream in particular illustrates why I prefer Oh Doughnuts over Bronuts. While the toppings and filling are sweet, the sweetness isn’t overdone. Plus, I found the doughnut itself to be lighter and fluffier in texture.

Oh Doughnuts Coconut Cream

Well spread, not over sweet chocolate, and the coconut doesn’t go flying off when you bite into it.

Oh Dougnuts filling

Plenty of nice, creamy, filling.

The Maple Whisky doughnut has a wonderful centre that combines a nutty crunch with a sweet, smoothy, dark toffee like filling.

Oh Doughnuts Maple Whiskey

A delightful doughnut

Oh Doughnut maple filling

A dark, tempting, toffee like filling.

If you visit the website you’ll find the list of all their varieties of doughnuts which will be rotated in and out, so you’ll likely enjoy some surprises each time you visit. One I’m looking forward to seeing on the shelf is the Pistachio Cream with Rose Water Glaze. Don’t be surprised if you regularly see me walking down Broadway with a doughnut bag in hand. Oh Doughnuts is definitely a place I intend to visit over and over.
Oh Doughnuts Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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