Bargen Coffee – Downtown

Back when I wrote about Forth coffee, I also mentioned that Thom Bargen Coffee and Tea was in the process of opening a new location in the downtown. Located at the corner of Kennedy Street and Graham Avenue, the new Thom Bargen fills a space that most recently housed an eyewear shop.

The corner space has allowed Bargen’s to create an L-shaped interior with a variety of table types and a long counter for seating. As a corner building there is also lots of natural light streaming in to the cafe. The south wall features a painting by artist Gabrielle Funk.

Thom Bargen art
Art by Gabrielle Funk on the wall at the downtown Thom Bargen location.

Bargen Coffee: Familiar and New

Heading in for the first time, I expected to receive a great coffee drinking experience. As expected it was. I’ve been back a couple of times since, and the beverages were always of the same, consistent, high quality. One notable difference is that this location is also carrying juice. Not just any juice though, they are carrying juices from Obby Khan’s Green Carrot. Once again, the trend of local companies collaborating to help each other succeed is at work at the new Bargen location.

Thom Bargen cookies
The Downtown Thom Bargen location offers in-store made cookies to munch on.

Likewise with the baked goods available, there are new, local outfits providing much of what is available. One new thing is the availability of homemade cookies and muffins. These are prepared in the little kitchen at the back. I haven’t been there when it’s happening, but the kitchen is opposite the counter, so you might get lucky and have the chance to take in the sights and smells of them being made. There also a little smaller than many of the pastries available, so they offer a nice light alternative.

Thom Bargen takeout
The takeout cup from Thom Bargen are location specific.

One nice thing about this new location is that it is great if you are a bus traveler. Both Portage and Graham street stops are about a block or two away. This means that if you have a regular transfer that you have to wait a few minutes for, you have a new, wonderful of filling up that time.


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