Palatal Express – Guilty Pleasure

I never visited the Palatal Mongolian Stir-Fry on Pembina that now houses Royal Punjab Sweet House. However, I visit the Palatal Express at Sherbrook and Portage on a semi-regular spot. This for me is a great place to visit when I’m in the mood for a quick, cheap pigout. I don’t find the food here particularly brilliant, but there’s lots of it, and I can get it really spicy when I want that.

Like a lot of places they advertise themselves as really healthy. I’m sure it’s pretty healthy, but I wouldn’t make it the centrepiece of my diet.

Palatal Express Special

Palatal Express has a well priced daily special

Palatal Pleasures:

One of the things I like about Palatal is that it is a soup and stir-fry version of Subway. Like Subway, the restaurant offers a wide variety of vegetables to add to your noodles and protein. I order a little of everything, maximizing my vegetables. Although I occasionally order the small sized daily special my typical choice is the large serving.

Palatal options.

I go with a little of everything in my meal.

My favourite choice among the meals is the Mixed Meats. I have the stir-fry once in a while, but my preference is for the soup. The other day when I went in, I noticed they had added lamb to the choices. I’m a big lamb fan. I was a little surprised when they brought out a tray of thinly sliced lamb from the freezer. Generally the meet is kept in the cool tray. However, when the soup arrived at my table, I found that the lamb had cooked down into lots of little pieces so that I had plenty of lamb to eat as I was working my way through the bowl.

Palatal Lamb

There were lots of pieces of lamb throughout the bowl of soup.

Last time I went in, I just went for the straight forward soup flavouring. However, my favourite thing about Palatal Express, is that when you ask for your meal spicy you can get it real spicy. They have different levels of heat on their sauces. From Palatal House Sauce which is mild, all the way up to Donkey. When I do go for the spice, it’s the Donkey I go for. This sauce combines the burn and sweat-inducing heat, and has pretty good flavour as well.

Palatal Tags

Palatal Express has tags for each of the options you choose.

The service at Palatal Express is quick and friendly. Even with the soup that takes a little longer than the stir-fry you’ll be served in relatively short time. They offer some sides such as wings that aren’t too bad, but I say go for the soup, or the stir-fry.
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